What’s Trending: Advertising Week & the Future of B2B Marketing

September 23, 2016

What’s Trending: Advertising Week & the Future of B2B Marketing

The best and brightest in the advertising world will converge on New York City next week for Advertising Week 2016. From seminars & workshops led by some of the greatest minds in the industry by day, to world class entertainment in some of New York’s most iconic venues by night (Sting!) – Advertising Week’s roster of events is like no other.

In addition to live music events accompanied invaluable networking, Advertising Week is always a great place to see the future of marketing unfold, particularly for B2B. Tune into LinkedIn’s highly-anticipated B2B Forum and hear industry pioneers, CMOs, and agency principals talk about the trends driving today’s most sophisticated marketers.

This week’s roundup of trending content features forward-looking articles that can help you get better results with less effort. Sting, sadly, doesn’t show up on our list, but you will learn how to truly integrate social media into your marketing, how to create a self-perpetuating content machine, and more.

What’s Trending This Week:

1. Feed the Content Monster with the Help of a Closed-Circle Content Loop

Learn how to produce more content with less effort through atomization and repurposing, in this article from Duct Tape Marketing President John Jantsch.

2. The Social Media Marketing Manifesto

Take the pledge to foster more community-building social media marketing. Digital Information World founder Irfan Ahmad presents this inspiring infographic from social software company Lithium.

3. 4 Ways Your Sales Team Can Help Your Content Marketing

If your sales and marketing teams still suffer from misalignment, this article from MyBlogU Founder Ann Smarty can help.

4. This Major Content Marketing Benefit Is Worth the Wait

Fractl’s Kerry Jones hasn’t updated her blog in nine months, but continues to enjoy steadily-rising organic traffic. Learn her secret in this Marketing Land post.

5. 20 Ideas for Your Website Homepage Content

Website design is a powerful and often-overlooked marketing tool. This SlideShare presentation from Need a Virtual Assistant CEO Jenny Jordan is packed with tips for creating a persuasive user experience.

6. 3 Keys to Great Content Marketing, According to Lego CMO Julia Goldin

It’s not often that content marketing earns $500 million at the box office, but the Lego Movie accomplished the feat. Contently’s Joe Lazauskas presents takeaways from Lego CMO Julia Goldin’s recent dmexco presentation.

7. The Decentralized Content Marketing Playbook

Is your company’s website or blog the centerpiece of your content marketing strategy? This infographic from HubSpot suggests there might be a more effective way to reach your audience.

8. LinkedIn: The Dark Horse of Influencer Marketing?

LinkedIn is an ideally suited—but underutilized—platform for influencer marketing, according to Webfluential.com’s Kirsty Sharman. Get Kirsty’s tips for cultivating influence on the platform.

9. 5 Ways Boring B2B Brands Can Kill It with Content

Learn how to make fascinating content for the most niche of industries with these inspiring examples from Unmetric Inc CEO & Co-Founder Lux Narayan.

10. How to Integrate Social Media into the Marketing Mix

Most companies use social media to speak to an audience. Integrated social media can help build a community instead. Find out how with these tips from Olga Andrienko, SEMrush Head of Social Media.

Tune into the live stream of the ‘Beyond B2B’ forum and hear industry pioneers, CMOs, and agency principals talk about the trends driving today’s most sophisticated marketers.

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