What’s Trending: Are You Measuring What Matters?

May 6, 2016

There’s a well-known rule that carpenters (professional and amateur) live by: “Measure twice, cut once.” If you ask me, they’re getting off easy. How great would it be to only have to measure something twice? The marketing version of that rule would be something like, “measure constantly, improve constantly.” Our ability to get results hinges on identifying and monitoring the metrics that matter.

The articles in this week’s roundup can help you create more compelling visual content, activate your employees for amplification, and more. But the roundup starts – as should your content strategy – with how to identify and measure success.

This Week’s Trending Marketing Discussions:

1. The Single Most Important Social Media Marketing Metric

“You don’t have to immediately abandon all reporting of followers and likes – these metrics show traction and engagement, which are exciting for teams to see, and they are indicators of progress towards conversions. But they shouldn’t be touted as proof of success.”

For LiftMetrix Co-Founder & COO Graham Gullans, conversions are the most important social media marketing metric. In this article for Convince & Convert, Graham offers tips for properly attributing the results of your activity on social.

2. How to Match Key Metrics with Your Content Goals

Conversion rate may be, ultimately, the most important metric. But it’s far from the only one worth measuring. Influence & Co Co-Founder Kelsey Meyer breaks down the different functions content can serve, and the metrics to watch for each one, in this Content Marketing Institute article.

3. Visual Content Marketing: Building Digital Stories that Really Connect

Brightedge’s Jim Yu gives seven steps for visual content marketing success in this Marketing Land article. As with any great content, authenticity and value top the list.

4. Welcome to the World of Post-Digital Marketing

It’s past time to recognize that “digital marketing” is really just “marketing” now. Havas Worldwide’s Marc Blanchard examines the emerging landscape of increasingly personalized, cross-channel marketing.

5. Copyblogger – Cornerstone Content – Content Marketing Glossary

In this brief video, the smart marketers at Copyblogger explain their concept of “Cornerstone Content.” It’s somewhere between a power page, a category page, and a Big Rock – an evergreen, meaty resource that can be the foundation of your content ecosystem.

6. How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

Godot Media’s Jessica Davis shares four tools you can use to activate your employees in this Social Media Today article.

7. CEOs and Social Media: What the Public Expects from Leaders [Infographic]

In this MarketingProfs article, ICW Content’s Ayaz Nanji presents the results of a 2,000-person poll on social media practices in the C-suite. The report shows a majority of consumers want to follow business leaders on social, even though the majority of CEOs have yet to step up to the platform.

8. 6 Rookie Mistakes You Might Be Making on LinkedIn

If your InMail goes unopened, or you’re losing contacts faster than a near-sighted water polo team, this HubSpot article from Chatterbox Social Media’s Hannah Tighe can help you troubleshoot.

9. How to Achieve Face-Melting Content Marketing ROI

LinkedIn’s Jason Miller gave a rocking presentation at ClickZ Live NY last week, all about how the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team gets face-melting (in the ‘awesome guitar solo’ sense, not the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ sense) results. Measurable SEO Founder Chuck Price presents detailed, visual-heavy takeaways in this article for Search Engine Watch.

10. The ABCs of Email Marketing: A Glossary of Terms

Even though it’s ancient technology (in Internet years), email is still one of the most reliably effective marketing tools. Even millennials are still checking their email – and since they’re doing it on mobile, they’re checking more often than ever. This SlideShare from IT company Sarv makes understanding the crucial concepts of email marketing as easy as 1-2-3.

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