What’s Trending: Beat Astronomical Odds to Reach Your Goals

July 8, 2016

What’s Trending: Beat Astronomical Odds to Reach Your Goals

This July 4th, while we were busy lighting fireworks and grilling hot dogs, NASA was making scientific history. The Juno spacecraft achieved orbit around Jupiter, ending a five year, nearly 2 billion mile trip to the solar system’s largest planet. Not only did Juno make the journey, the craft was punctual as well: It achieved orbit within one second of the time scheduled back in 2011.

NASA scientists had to account for five years of planetary motion, the effects of gravity from various celestial bodies, and a host of other variables to plan Juno’s journey down to the second.

What if we brought that attention to detail, that level of strategizing, that deep understanding of our operating environment to content marketing? If NASA can hit a moving target in the vastness of space two billion miles away, surely we can reach the right person with the right content at the right time. If they can keep in contact with Juno and receive data across the void, surely we can properly attribute conversions and measure our efforts.

Whether it’s rocket science or marketing, success ultimately comes down to strategy. This week’s roundup of top marketing content features stellar articles on measuring ROI, integrating SEO, and building a solid content marketing program from the ground up. Are you ready to launch?

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:

1. A Zen Approach to Measuring Content Marketing ROI

Invoca’s Laura Schierberl brings much-needed calm to measurement stress in this Social Media Today article. For Laura, it’s all about management; she shares how to organize your metrics for transcendent clarity.

2. Why Your Content Marketing Program Could Be Failing

Is your content plan built on a firm foundation, or is it top-heavy? In this Marketing Land article, Vertical Measures’ Drew Eastmead outlines a pyramid-shaped model you can use to create content marketing that will stand the test of time.

3. 4 Tips for More SlideShare Leads

Get practical and tactical with this in-depth Social Media Examiner guide from Venngage Director of Marketing Nadya Khoja. Nadya illustrates her tips with plenty of embedded SlideShare examples, so you’re sure to find inspiration for your next deck.

4. How to Maintain Content Marketing Focus in Long-Running SEO Programs

A successful content marketing program is a marathon, not a sprint. In this article for Search Engine Land, KoMarketing Associates’ Derek Edmond discusses his tips for keeping the team engaged and on-track throughout the process.

5. LinkedIn Marketing: How to Win Business & Influence through LinkedIn

In this episode of his weekly livechat, entrepreneur Evan Carmichael interviews Linkfluencer Founder Alex Pirouz on how to build relationships with influencers on LinkedIn.

6. Learn from Struggling Brands: Insights from the Marketing Trenches

Every week, Content Marketing Institute Chief Strategy Advisor Robert Rose publishes the Content Strategy for Marketers newsletter. CMI’s Marcia Riefer Johnston curates highlights from the newsletter in this post. It features easily-digestible takeaways, cautionary tales, and inspirational stories from real brands solving real problems.

7.  8 Ways to Generate More Exposure on LinkedIn

In this Social Media Today article, Easy Automated Sales CEO Jamil Velji shares how he builds relationships on LinkedIn. Most of these tips are simple but often-overlooked ways to make your time on LinkedIn more purposeful.

8. What Do Content Marketers Need to Know about SEO?

Making sure your content is valuable to your audience is a big part of modern SEO strategy. But content creators must know it’s not the only part. ClickZ Global Editor-in-Chief Graham Charlton helps fill in the gaps in this Search Engine Watch article.

9. Scaling Content Marketing to a Global Level

Conglomotron LLC Principal Rebecca Lieb shares her strategies for taking your content worldwide in this Marketing Land article.

10. Why Marketing Should Care about Entertainment

In this lavishly-illustrated SlideShare presentation, Wakster Managing Director and Owner Philippe Ingels identifies the three essential components of a successful marketing message, and demonstrates how to blend them together to create an irresistible appeal.

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