What’s Trending: Content Blooms Bring Sales Booms

April 29, 2016

If the sneezes and sniffles I hear around the office are any indication, spring is officially in full swing. Flowers are blooming and tissue sales are booming. All those bare spaces that seemed dead throughout the winter are springing into glorious, multi-colored life.

So how’s your content marketing strategy growing? Are results starting to bloom, or is your content still germinating underground?

This week’s roundup of top marketing content has plenty of tips for cultivating your marketing green thumb. Read on for tips on making content more compassionate, a massive checklist for SEO domination, a fun but thorough examination of the mobile landscape a la Game of Thrones, and more.

This Week’s Trending Marketing Discussions:

1. How Kindness Makes Your Content More Successful

“Whether you’re drafting a blog post or designing a marketing piece, you do your best work when you’re compassionate toward your users, and when you think through ways that your good intentions could go wrong or your assumptions could backfire.”

Most marketers are vigilant about creating content that is valuable, informative, and entertaining. But we rarely think about calibrating for kindness. Consultant Sarah Wachter-Boettcher makes the case for going beyond empathy all the way into compassion, in this article for the Content Marketing Institute.

2. What 300+ Content Marketing Campaigns Can Teach You about Earning Links

This deep-dive piece from Fractl’s Kelsey Libert analyzes the results of 345 campaigns the company launched in the last three years. Kelsey reports on the content elements that performed the best for Fractl, with suggestions to make your content more linkworthy.

3. The Ultimate Checklist for Successful Integration of SEO on Your Website

There’s no overstatement in this infographic’s title. It’s a massive resource, courtesy of Capsicum Mediaworks, with over 75 tips for on-page and off-page SEO. All but the most skilled SEO experts will find a takeaway or two as they scroll through.

4. How to Build Unique Strategies for Creative Influencer Marketing

On this episode of Convince & Convert’s Influence Pros podcast, August United General Manager Tyler Farnsworth discusses how to nurture mutually beneficial relationships with influencers, including how to keep everyone’s enthusiasm level high throughout the process. You can listen to the podcast, or read the article for key takeaways.

5. A New Approach for Measuring Engagement on Content-Heavy Sites

“So, in the absence of concrete conversions, how do we measure engagement in a more meaningful way? To be able to demonstrate the value of digital, organizations facing this challenge have to get creative with both the tools they use to measure success and the very definition of success itself.”

In this Marketing Land article, columnist Nick Iyengar takes on the seemingly impossible task of quantifying engagement. Nick details how to build a weighted point system for types of engagement, making it easier for sites that don’t have conversion as a primary goal to demonstrate ROI.

6. 4 Components of a Killer Content Marketing Tactical Plan on LinkedIn

In this article on the TopRank Marketing blog, Director of Agency Marketing Ashley Zeckman presents the key takeaways from mine and Jason Miller’s presentation at Social Media Marketing World 2016.

7. Google Makes 2 Ad Updates that Will Affect Local Marketers

Local search is rapidly becoming a staple of small business marketing. Search Engine Land’s Ginny Marvin explains the recent changes to Google’s Local Finder results, and what they mean for marketers.

8. Game of Phones: Tech Plays in the Quest for the Iron Throne

If, like Jon Snow, you know nothing about the current mobile marketing landscape, this Game of Thrones-themed infographic will get you up to speed. AppsFlyer also developed an interactive version for your clicking and scrolling pleasure.

9. Seven Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing with Scannable Web Content

“The reality is that very few people actually READ online content. Only 16% of your online guests read word-for-word, and the overwhelming majority (79%) SCAN and pick out phrases and a few individual words.”

In this MarketingProfs article, Brian Sutter and Kim Keller show you how to guide “scanners” through your online content. Brian and Kim take their inspiration from journalism best practices to explain how to write engaging, no-frills prose that encourages people to keep reading.

10. What Superheroes Can Teach You about Storytelling

Learn what lessons Batman, Superman et al can teach marketers about storytelling that grips an audience. The team at HighSpark examines why comic book stories resonate, identifying the essential elements that are most relevant to marketing.

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