What’s Trending: Elevate Your Content with SEO

May 20, 2016

It’s beautiful—and a little eerie—to see hot air balloons hanging serenely in the sky. From the ground, it seems like they float effortlessly. But nothing beats gravity without a constant struggle. It takes fuel and fire to generate the lift that keeps them up.

If your content is the balloon, SEO is an essential part of the fuel mix. It seems effortless from the customer’s standpoint; they enter a search term and your content appears before them. We know better, though. We know you don’t rise to the top without ongoing strategic effort.

This week’s roundup features two articles on elevating your content with SEO. The first looks at how SEO and content work together to lead to organic search success. The second shows how to keep your content flying high once you hit your ideal altitude. And since SEO is only part of your elevation strategy, you will find plenty of tips on LinkedIn marketing, persona creation, and more.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:

1. SEO or Content Marketing? Here’s How to Rock Both

“For most inexperienced online businesspeople, SEO seems like something that is essential to their websites' successes, while content marketing feels like a strategy that only big and powerful brands have the capacity and expertise to make worth their while. I disagree.”

AltusHost Marketing Manager Goran Mirkovic demonstrates how content and SEO support and strengthen each other in this article on the SEMrush blog.

2. Quantitative Marketing: You Have Enough Data to Improve Performance. I Promise.

Whether you’re using big data, or are still working your way up from mid-size, this Econsultancy post from Transform, Inc.’s Evan Dunn can help. Read it to discover data channels you might be overlooking, and what to do with the information you collect.

3. Brand Personification: The Ultimate Way to Get to Know Your Brand

“…when attempting to define, understand, and promote our brands, we often have an orthodox, impersonal way of doing things. We define our brands through the colors we use, our value proposition statements, and target market. Yet, in the end, we market to humans—and humans, by nature, do not care about what you are... they care about who you are.”

Sure, you like your brand. But would you let it borrow your car? Marketing Entrepreneur Coralyn Loomis explains the thought exercise that can make your brand more relatable in this MarketingProfs article.

4. Steal this Sales Tool to Beef Up Your Marketing Strategy

As sales and marketing become more closely aligned, it’s worth peeking into their playbook for tactics that can be adapted to marketing. Pragmatic Marketing’s Jon Gatrell shows how marketers can use the traditionally salesy win/loss analysis to optimize performance.

5. Content Marketing: The Real Story – 2016 iProspect Client Summit

Marketers from iProspect, John Brown Media, Diageo, and Bank of America present this panel on creating and amplifying content to inspire action.

6. 5 Ways to Maintain Your SEO Ranking

“Contrary to popular belief, ranking for particular keywords is only half the battle. The core tenets of SEO are constantly evolving, and marketers need to stay up to date with the latest trends.”

SEO can be a long-term struggle to reach the top, but what do you do when you get there? CLVboost Founder Daniel Faggella offers strategies that can help keep your site in the SERPs.

7. How to Measure Your LinkedIn Activities

Learn how to use LinkedIn’s analytics tools with this thorough guide from Boulder SEO Marketing Founder Chris Raulf.

8. Buyer Personas You Want to Use: The 9 Essential Parts

Marketing Interactions CEO Ardath Albee is an expert on creating personas that actually work the way they’re intended to. In this article, Content Marketing Institute’s Marcia Riefer Johnston sums up the takeaways from Ardath’s presentation on personas at the Intelligent Content Conference.

9. LinkedIn Publishing: 3 Tips for Creating Better Content & 6 Marketers Setting a Great Example

Learn how to make the most of publishing on LinkedIn in this article from TopRank Marketing’s Ashley Zeckman.

10. The Content Strategy Spectrum

Visual learners will love this meticulously-illustrated guide to orchestrating front-end and back-end content marketing strategy.

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