What’s Trending: Find the Right Content Marketing Balance

October 7, 2016

What’s Trending: Find the Right Content Marketing Balance

It’s prime apple-picking season, which means new varieties of fruit to try at your local grocery store. From Pink Lady to Jazz, there’s a wealth of different apple experiences to be had.

There’s a lesson for aspiring hybrid marketers in the way botanists mix and match plants to create new types of apples. Get the right balance and you end up with a sweet, light crowd pleaser like the Honeycrisp. Focus on one aspect at the expense of the others, and you get Red Delicious—bred entirely for its looks, mealy and bland to the taste.

There are plenty of marketing aspects to balance to create the perfect blend: How frequently you publish, how you repurpose content, how you amplify, and more. This week’s roundup of trending content can help you get the balance right.

What’s Trending in Marketing This Week:

1. How to Get More Mileage out of the Content You Create

Learn how to create a content framework designed for maximum repurposing with these tips from Visually/ScribbleLive VP of Marketing Ural Cebeci.

2. Cracking the More Vs. Less Content Conundrum: 3 Questions to Point the Way

Should you scale back production to avoid overwhelming your audience, or keep adding value to your content library? Marketo’s Peter Bell can help you decide.

3. 61 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros

At just 12 slides, this SlideShare from Content Marketing Consultant Barry Feldman is a concentrated dose of social media wisdom.

4. Why Content Marketing Isn’t an Overnight Success

Express Writers Founder Julia McCoy offers a five-step plan to maximize your long-term content results in this Search Engine Journal article.

5. Four Marketing Mega Trends Nobody’s Talking About

It’s prediction post season, but this one from Marketing Consultant Mark Schaefer stands out from the pack with sharp extrapolations of current trends.

6. What Makes People Unfollow Brands on Social

Social Media Today’s Andrew Hutchinson presents key takeaways from a Sprout Social study of over 1,000 people. Find out why people unfollow your brand, but also what entices people to follow in the first place.

7. 4 Ways to Build Trust and Influence on LinkedIn

Learn how to build your personal and company brand on LinkedIn with these tips from TreDigital’s Maria Dykstra.

8. How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Search

This deep-dive article examines data from over ten years of eye-tracking studies, highlighting how scanning patterns we develop for mobile content get carried over to the desktop. Bruce Clay, Inc.’s Kristi Kellogg mines the data for takeaways you can use.

9. How a Balanced Strategy Leads to Content Marketing Success

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uninspired by your content marketing efforts, this article from BrightInfo Head of Content Assaf Dudai is just the pick-me-up you need.

10. Death to Boring B2B Marketing: How Applying Design Thinking Drives Success

Pardot’s Cliff Seal shows how changing the process we use to create content can lead to more innovative, more engaging results in this SlideShare.

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