What’s Trending: For Those About to Rock LinkedIn, We Salute You

August 26, 2016

Rock Concert Crowd

It’s time to face facts: I miss Jason Miller since he moved to London. Sure, he’s still with the company—and he’s doing great stuff on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA blog. But it seems like our headquarters in San Francisco rocks a little less hard without him.

Let’s bring that rock ‘n’ roll swagger back for this week’s trending content. This collection is anchored by seriously valuable, in-depth pieces about rocking your marketing on LinkedIn. You’ll also learn how to perform a content audit, how to refine your storytelling, and much more.

So dust off your air guitar, practice your best heavy metal scream, and let’s get ready to rock.

This Week’s Top Marketing Content:

1. Meet the Eight B2B Brands Excelling on LinkedIn

Get inspired to excel with your own B2B marketing with these remarkable success stories. Contentive’s Tereza Litsa explores how brands from Microsoft to Adobe make the most of the platform.

2. Breakthrough Storytelling Starts with Analytics

LEWIS Global Communications SVP Michael Brito brings data and storytelling together in this SlideShare, covering the creation of content from research to amplification.

3. Strapped for Time and Money? Content Curation Is Your Content Marketing Secret Sauce

This MarketingProfs post starts as a good, succinct curation tutorial. Then Marketing Consultant Paul Chaney goes above and beyond with links to tools that can help you get started.

4. 5 Things We’ve Learned after a Year with LinkedIn Ads

Last year, HubSpot integrated LinkedIn Sponsored Content into their ad software. See what results their experiment had on CPL and conversions in this post from the company’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Marcus Andrews.

5. It’s Not a Sales Funnel, It’s an Engagement Funnel

On this episode of the Talk Digital to Me video podcast, Convince & Convert Strategist Anthony Helmstetter discusses buyer journey, the changing role of marketing, and more. Click the top link for a full transcript, or watch the video below:

6. Content Audit 101: A Step-by-Step Guide

An essential part of content strategy is making the most of content your company already has available. PMX Agency’s Rachel Lindteigen walks you through the process in this brief but thorough guide.

7. Selling with Story: How to Make Your Customer the Hero

Learn how to use the seven fundamental story elements to create engaging narratives for your customer, in this Social Media Examiner podcast (with transcription) featuring Storybrand’s Donald Miller

8. How to Build Your B2B Marketing Empire from the Ground Up

Learn how to build your B2B marketing strategy, career, and team with advice from Ann HandleyAndy Crestodina and more in this SlideShare presentation from MarketingProfs and TopRank Marketing.

9. 60+ LinkedIn Profile Tips for Marketers

This post from Content Marketing Institute’s Lisa Dougherty is a deep dive—make sure to work out your scrolling finger before you start. For your effort, you will learn dozens of small improvements to your LinkedIn Profile that can add up to a big boost in visibility.

10. 10 Things Your Audience Hates about Your Presentations

Whether it’s pitching clients or presenting results to management, presentations are a big part of marketer’s lives. This SlideShare from design firm Stinson can help make them less painful for everyone involved.

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