What’s Trending: H2H Marketing Through Storytelling

November 18, 2016

 H2H Marketing Through Storytelling

It makes sense that some marketers, especially B2B marketers, struggle to tell stories that connect emotionally with an audience. There’s a reason there aren’t many fairy tales about, say, “Beauty and the Document Shredding Service.” It may be a tale as old as time, but it can be hard to find the human interest angle there.

Our challenge as marketers is to find the beating heart of the stories we tell. If we start with the idea that the people who buy our solutions are humans, and the people in our company are also humans, we can strive to connect on a level beyond the intellectual. Great storytelling moves the conversation beyond products and payment into experience and emotion.

This week’s roundup features resources to help you tell more compelling stories. Read on to learn how to humanize your content, discover the science behind great storytelling, and more.

What’s Trending in Marketing This Week:

1. The Battle for Traffic: Organic SEO vs. Social Media Marketing

See how blogs can use SEO and social media together to bring in a bigger audience with this analysis of thousands of posts from ten top-performing blogs, presented by Moz’s Alexandra Tachalova.

2. A Simple Trick to Make Your Content Magnetic and Memorable

Content Marketing Institute’s Stephanie Stahl shares how to add a human touch to your content, to make it more meaningful to the reader.

3.  33 Explosive Content Writing Tips from 33 Masters

Get inspired to create great content with these words of wisdom curated by The Experiment Founder Daniel Ndukwu.

4. How to Track Social Media Metrics on Four Social Networks

Learn which KPIs you should keep tabs on in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn in this article from ClearVoice CEO & Co-Founder Joe Griffin.

5. The Evolution of the Customer Lifecycle

The funnel is so 2015—the new customer lifecycle looks more like a set of overlapping concentric circles. Marketo’s Sachin Kalra explains what the journey looks like and how to navigate it.

6. Building the Data-Driven Customer Journey

HubSpot released a massive amount of video from INBOUND 2016 this week. This session with SHIFT Communications’ Christopher Penn is the tip of the iceberg.

7. The Case for B2B Marketing on LinkedIn [Infographic]

80% of B2B marketing leads from social media come through LinkedIn. If you’re still debating the potential of LinkedIn for your B2B brand, or you’re looking to build a case to present to your key decision makers, the data syndicated by Andrew Hutchinson's Social Media Today could help.

8. The Science Behind the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is the latest big fad in content marketing—but it’s more than a buzzword or a flash in the pan. Duarte Inc.’s Catrinel Bartolomeu digs into the science to find out how you can make your storytelling have a greater impact.

9. 4 Effective LinkedIn Strategies to Master B2B Marketing

Oktopost Content Marketing Manager Sapir Segal shares quick tips for greater success at B2B marketing on LinkedIn. Step one: Turn your Company Page into a lead generation machine.

10. Writing for the Web: 7 Tips for Getting Read and Shared Online

Don’t let the slide count scare you off. This SlideShare from Orbit Media Studios is a quick read, and it’s packed with good advice and the statistics to support the tips and tactics.

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