What’s Trending: Is Your Marketing Strategy Half-Baked?

December 9, 2016

Holiday Cookies

Cooking and marketing have a lot in common. In each case, you’re combining separate ingredients to make something bigger than the sum of its parts; something new to delight an audience.

Both cooking and marketing are creative vocations that require applied science, too. The raw ingredients of a cake wouldn’t be a hit at a birthday party; it takes chemistry to transform them into a confection. The raw ingredients of a marketing campaign—content, SEO, paid advertising, etc.—aren’t effective unless an overarching strategy pulls them together.

This week’s trending content can help you transform your raw ingredients into a tempting dish for your audience. Read on to learn how to improve sales and marketing alignment, create an effective influencer marketing program, and more.

What’s Trending in Marketing This Week:

1. Can Marketers Meet the Demands of Social Selling?

FeldmanCreative Owner Barry Feldman explains how marketers can join forces with the sales department to create a virtuous cycle of lead capture, nurture, and close.

2. The State of Influencer Marketing in 5 Charts

Learn what platforms are best for influencer marketing, how marketers are compensating influencers, and more with this article from Digiday’s Yuyu Chen.

3. Paid vs. Organic Traffic: Which Generates More (and More Qualified) Leads?

Samantha Smith, Inbound Marketing Strategist at SparkReaction, explores the relative benefits of paid and organic traffic, and explains why a winning strategy must include both.

4. Marketo’s 2017 Marketing Predictions

Learn the four key themes Marketo’s experts believe will drive marketing next year in this SlideShare.

5. 4 Marketing Techniques for Grabbing the Spotlight in 2017

Rock some great tunes and learn powerful marketing tactics in this music-themed article from Pro Motion, Inc. Founder and President Steve Randazzo.

6. How to Find Social Media Micro-Influencers for Your Small Business

It doesn’t take thousands of followers to be influential. Digital Consultant Shane Barker explains how to find influencers who can persuade a small, relevant audience.

7. Canonical Chaos: Doubling Down on Duplicate Content

Clean up duplicate content and avoid search engine penalties with these tips from SEO Consultant Marcus Miller.

8. How to Master the Art of B2B Podcasts

New consumption research indicates 44% of your B2B podcast audience will comprise of department heads, VPs, owners and c-suiters. This article from B2B Marketing combines advice from three podcasting experts on the frontline to find out how B2B marketers can make them work.

9. 10 Ways Content Marketing and Sales Teams Can Work Together

Sales and marketing alignment is vital for more effective digital marketing. Ironpaper Founder & CEO Jonathan Franchell goes deep into how the teams can support each other in this substantial read.

10. Using Content Marketing to Build a Brand with Purpose

Content Marketing Consultant Brian Honigman explains how to take content marketing from purpose to strategy to tactics in this SlideShare.

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