What’s Trending: It’s a B2B Marketing Revolution

October 21, 2016

Wooden Sailing Ship in front of Boston Harbor

This week was the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum in Boston, Massachusetts. Some of the brightest people in marketing were on hand to share their tips and strategies for the present and future.

Boston is the right place to think about revolutionizing marketing. It’s the place where the people who built our nation staged a tea-dumping protest over, if I’m remembering my Hamilton right, the inalienable right to freestyle and beatbox.

Just kidding. The Boston Tea Party was all about taxation without representation. If you aren’t willing to listen to someone’s voice, to truly understand them and represent their interests, you shouldn’t be taking their money.

That sounds like a sentiment marketers can and should get behind. Revolutionizing B2B marketing can take many forms, use a ton of tools and tech, and involve dozens of channels. But at the heart of it, true marketing revolutionaries know it comes down to “No marketing without representation.”

The articles in this week’s roundup can help you better know and serve your audience. Read on for tips on creating content for social media, ways to prove value to your organization’s C-suite, and more.

This Week’s Trending Marketing Discussions:

1. How to Create Content for Your Social Media Sales Funnel

In this Social Media Examiner deep dive, Gryffin Media Owner Marcela de Vivo explains how to strategically create content that can be repurposed across channels and buying stages.

2. Six Content Marketing Principles You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring (but Probably Are)

Even the biggest rock star content marketer can use a tactics checkup every now and then. Make sure you’re avoiding bad habits with these tips from Audiobloom’s Timothy Carter.

3. Marketing’s Important. But Marketers Often Aren’t.

Is your marketing department underappreciated in your organization? You may need to close a trust gap, reporting gap, or skills gap. This SlideShare from the London Business School can help identify and eliminate them.

4. Mastering the Art of Blogging: 6 Recipes to Help You Become a More Successful Content Creator

When creating delicious content, variety is the spice that keeps readers coming back for more. TopRank Marketing’s Kevin Cotch presents the takeaways from an MN Blogger Con presentation from Director of Agency Marketing Ashley Zeckman.

5. How to Get More (and Better) Content from Your Subject Matter Experts

With a little strategic planning ahead of time, a single influencer interview can lead to multiple pieces of quality content. Content Marketing Institute Managing Editor Marcia Riefer Johnston explains how.

6. Content Marketers Share Their Secrets

Pamela Wilson of Rainmaker Digital collects dozens of exclusive insights from top marketers in this piece for Copyblogger.

7. The New Era of Context

Placing quality content in the right context is the new frontier for digital marketers. Salesforce’s Mathew Sweezey explains what context means for marketers, and how to make it work in this SlideShare presentation.

8. What Successful Marketing Looks Like Today: 8 Foundational Principles

Breathe new life into your department’s mission statement with this infographic that explores the guiding principles of any effective marketing department. HubSpot’s Lindsay Kolowichpresents the infographic from Olive&Co.

9. All Content Is Not Created Equal: Comparing Results Across 15 Verticals

The content marketers at Fractl are never stingy with their data, and this report is a particularly generous offering. Fractl’s Kerry Jones presents the results of over 340 campaigns in 15 different categories, to discover what type of content performs best for each vertical.

10. Content, Search and Social Interplay

According to MMI Agency’s Maggie Malek, search and social are the head and heart, respectively, of making a connection with an audience. This SlideShare explains how the two can better work together to provide a consistent experience that resonates.

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