What’s Trending: King Size Results on a Fun Size Budget

October 28, 2016

Halloween Candy

Is there any Halloween marketing trick more diabolical than “Fun Size” candy bars? For a kid, the fun quotient of a candy bar is directly proportionate to how much of it there is. The smaller the bar, the less fun it is.

Are they really trying to make us think eating a candy bar is hard work? That it’s some huge responsibility, like ruling a kingdom, so the big ones are “King Size”? Do you really enjoy a candy bar more if you can eat it in less than two bites? It’s bizarre.

Maybe it’s a glass-half-full kind of thing. For example, you might say your marketing budget is “Fun Size”—it’s not so big that it’s an onerous thing to manage. You’re free to have fun with it! And you can use that budget to generate results that are “King Size,” bringing to mind a castle well-stocked with treasure.

This week’s roundup of marketing content can help you get better results regardless of your budget’s “fun” level. Check it out for tips on branding on a budget, an in-depth study of content marketing on LinkedIn, and more.

What’s Trending in Marketing This Week:

1. Content Gating: When, Whether and How

In this installment of Moz’s Whiteboard Friday series, Rand Fishkin takes on a question that still inspires lively discussion: When should content be gated to capture leads, and when is it best left open to reach a wider audience?

2. How to Brand Your Business on a Budget: A 6-Step Guide

Learn how to develop your company’s identity and voice without breaking the bank with this guide from HubSpot’s Amanda Zantal-Wiener.

3. 7 Ads That Pulled Proctor & Gamble out of the Content “Crap Trap”

It’s easy to get caught up in the quantity game with content marketing, producing mountains of content that fails to connect. See how Proctor & Gamble reined in their content and reconnected with audiences in this inspiring case study from AdWeek’s Christine Birkner

4. How a Content Refresh Can Help You Stay Relevant

Marketo’s Elaine Ip explains what a content refresh is, why it matters, and how to do it in this post on the Marketo blog.

5. The Sound of Small Business: Marketing on a Dime

RBC hosts this panel of successful entrepreneurs to discuss how to maximize a small marketing budget to have a big impact.

6. How to Combine LinkedIn and Content Marketing to Generate Incredible Leads

How-to king (and Crazy Egg & Hello Bar Co-Founder) Neil Patel takes a deep dive into content marketing on LinkedIn in this post. From strategy to amplification to long-term goals, he covers it all.

7. Long-Term SEO: Proving the Value Now

The days of quick-fix, questionably ethical SEO are over. Now getting ranked is a long game—which can be a challenge to explain to the C-suite. KoMarketing’s Casie Gillette shows how to make your case.

8. How to Turn Research into 27+ Content Pieces

Get inspired to do more with your existing content assets with this case study from Content Marketing Institute, presented by ion interactive Co-Founder Anna Talerico.

9. 3 Compelling Reasons to Adopt Agile Marketing

“Agile” may be a buzzword, but it became popular because the practice has a proven track record of improving business’ velocity and results. One Medical’s Leyl Black breaks down what Agile is and how it maps to marketing.

10. 36 Awesome Quotes to Inspire Your Marketing Strategy

This collection goes deeper than the usual inspirational quote collection. There are quotes to lift the spirits, for sure, but plenty of tactical advice as well.

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