What’s Trending: Lock in Your Strategy and Enjoy the Ride

June 10, 2016

Imagine being on a roller coaster without restraining bars or seat belts. It would be pretty terrifying. The only reason roller coasters are fun is they’re designed to be safe; to carry us through the ups and downs without putting us at any real risk.

Marketing has its share of ups and downs, too. Without the right safety equipment, it can be a truly scary experience. For marketers, strategy is the equivalent of the restraining bar—it enables us to handle the ups and downs without flying off the ride.

This week’s roundup of trending content starts with a massive post on B2B content marketing strategy. Later on, you will whirl into strategic tips from the smarties at Marketo and a mysterious customer service representative known only as Maggie. The Internet’s most famous cats also make an appearance, so keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:

1. What Is B2B Content Marketing in 2016?

“Providing value to the consumer is at the heart of content marketing; it’s been that way long before it was called content marketing.”

Mesh Founder and CDO Bill Schick takes a deep dive into the changing landscape of content marketing in this article, featuring best practices and strategies for every stage of the process.

2. The Serious Takeaways from Sirius Decisions

The SiriusDecisions 2016 Summit just took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Marketo’s Heidi Bullock delivers key takeaways in marketing automation, account-based marketing, and predictive martech.

3. 10 Valuable Content Marketing Lessons from Print

“While there’s no doubt there is too much content online and that most of it is bad, there’s also no denying that the accessibility of the content-focused web has given us all a way to hone our skills and develop a personal brand…”

Print media is in serious decline. But brands can borrow the best aspects of print publishing, adopt them for the digital age, and achieve impressive results. In this article for Search Engine Journal, Express Writers CEO Julia McCoy outlines the lessons brands can learn from old media.

4. Maggie: The Essence of Content Strategy

In this article for Marketing Land, Merkle|RKG’s Kyla Becker explains how content marketing can be the face of your brand, the friendly advisor that customers rely on and come back to.

5. Account-Based Marketing: B2B’s Newest Strategy

Lattice and Marketo present this webinar on account based marketing at scale.

6. LinkedIn Unveils New ‘Premium Insights’ Tool for Company Pages

In this Social Media Today article, Content and Community Manager Andrew Hutchinsonexplains the new tools marketers and sales professionals can use for deeper insight into companies on LinkedIn.

7. How to Do Content Marketing Cat-Style – 9 Steps to Success

Learn tips on attracting attention, keeping your site’s SEO clean, and more with accompanying photos from some of the Internet’s most famous cats. This purrrfectly entertaining and informative Business2Community article comes courtesy of Indigoextra Ltd. SEO Director Martin Woods.

8. Are We Making SEO Too Complicated?

“At my agency, we place a lot of significance on the data that matters to ensure that we are delivering what we are contracted to do. Yet as I was working, I realized that the more I dug through the data, shifting from tool to tool, the less time I was spending doing the work I needed to do.”

In this article for Search Engine Land, Inbound Marketing Consultant Ryan Shelley offers tips for developing a streamlined approach to SEO without trading simplicity for effectiveness.

9. 5 Old-School Social Media Tactics That Are No Longer Effective (and What to Do Instead)

It says a lot about the pace of modern marketing that we can dismiss a tactic by saying, “That’s so 2013.” Nevertheless, social media moves fast, and marketers need to keep up with the times. These tips from Buffer Contributing Writer Aja Frost can help.

10. 8 Little Things to Make Your Blog Post Better

When writing compelling copy for the web, little things can make a big difference in the readability and quality of your content. Portent, Inc CEO & Founder Ian Lurie shares his quick tips in this elegantly-designed SlideShare.

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