What’s Trending: Refresh, Revisit, Repurpose

August 19, 2016

What’s Trending: Refresh, Revisit, Repurpose

Did you know that aluminum is an infinitely recyclable resource? It’s possible to turn a used aluminum can into a new can on the grocery shelf in as little as 60 days. Or it might be reborn as part of aluminum siding, lawn furniture, you name it.

I’m sure you always remember to separate out your cans for recycling. Are you giving your content the same consideration, though? Like aluminum, content is (almost) infinitely recyclable. You can change its media type, refresh it, repurpose it for new channels, and personalize it for a new audience—all at a lower energy cost than creating something new.

This week’s roundup features resources that can help you find new value in your old content. You will also find tips on SEO, metrics, and an inspiring example of purpose-driven marketing. Ready to go green?

What’s Trending in Marketing this Week:

1. On the Benefits of Refreshing Your Top-Performing Content

Get even more mileage from your greatest hits with these refresh and re-promote strategies from Honigman Media CEO Brian Honigman. My favorite tip: Connect the piece to related content for extra SEO value.

2. How One Brand Created a Movement by Investing in a Purpose

This content marketing success story underscores the importance of understanding and empathizing with your audience. It will inspire you to ponder how your brand can add value beyond your product offering. Content Specialist Dawn Papandrea tells the tale on the CMI blog.

3. 8 Reasons You Should Be Creating More Long Form Content

Content Equals Money Founder Amie Marse makes the case for higher word counts and deeper dives in this article. One point I hadn’t considered: Long form content takes more resources to produce, but has a longer lifespan that more than makes up the value.

4. How Content Marketers and SEO Experts Can Optimize for RankBrain

RankBrain is Google’s new machine-learning algorithm, and it is becoming a major ranking factor for search results. NikSto.Com Founder & Head of Search Nikolay Stoyanov, explains how RankBrain works and how to adapt to it in an easily-accessible, not too technical way.

5. Chris Brogan on Email Marketing, Webinars, and Online Courses

On this episode of Teach Online TV, Bestselling Author Chris Brogan shares his unconventional approach to email marketing and beyond. One highlight: There are no “noreply” email addresses in Chris’s organization. Every email reaches an actual human being.

Chris Brogan's Unconventional Email Approach

6. Social Media Metrics: Outputs, Outtakes, and Outcomes

Econsultancy Analyst Jeff Rajeck unravels the tangled net of social media metrics to find those that will have the most impact on your results.

7. 5 Magical Tactics for Repurposing B2B Marketing Content

Abra-cadabra! Learn how to design content with repurposing in mind, so that it’s readily adaptable to a variety of channels. Courtesy of master magician (and TopRank Marketing CEO) Lee Odden.

8. How to Become a Marketer Who’s Obsessed with Metrics

Go beyond vanity metrics—way beyond—in this characteristically comprehensive guide from Crazy Egg Co-Founder Neil Patel.

9. Responsive Design Is Killing Two-Thirds of Your Conversions. Here’s How to Fix It.

Banana Splash CMO Talia Wolf minces no words in her quest to fix bad mobile sites. She shows why just being rated “mobile friendly” by Google isn’t enough, and offers five steps to improving your mobile site’s user experience to increase conversions.

10. SEO: Get Your Content Discovered in Search

This SlideShare from Lindsay Valdez (SEO Manager, SheKnows Media) and Stephan Spencer (Founder, Science of SEO) provides plenty of tips, tactics, and tools content marketers can use for better SEO.

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