What’s Trending: Smells Like Someone’s Creating Content

May 27, 2016

What’s Trending: Smells Like Someone’s Creating Content

Summer is right around the corner. It’s time to get out of the kitchen and start cooking outside. Whether you’re into a stack of spare ribs, a delectable steak, or a delicious tofu burger, food tastes better when it’s fresh from the grill.

The first article in this week’s roundup observes that, like grilling, marketing is a mix of art and science. It takes preparation and execution to cook up content that will have your audience coming back for seconds.

So before you don your apron this Memorial Day weekend, check out these articles for tips on well-done SEO, choosing the right medium for your message, and pursuing rare opportunities to boost organic traffic.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:

1. Marketing and Grilling Have More in Common than You Think

“’Good’ truly is the enemy of ‘great.’ It’s the reason the steak at the gourmet restaurant tastes so delicious—the high quality and the experience. By not bringing the best ‘ingredients’ to the table in your marketing, the experience can end up being forgettable.”

The art and science of grilling is more than just a metaphor in this tasty Convince & Convert article from Hyde Park Venture Partner Tim Kopp. Tim serves up some handy tips for creating the perfect summer cookout to go with his solid marketing advice.

2. Refine Your Content Marketing Tactics to Benefit from Enhanced Search Engine Display

In this Search Engine Land article, ZOG Digital’s Thomas Stern identifies the key features of Google’s advanced display opportunities and explains how to optimize content for each.

3. How We Grew Inbound Traffic by 300% in 6 Months

This long-form case study shows how Gleam.io Co-Founder Stuart McKeown tripled Gleam’s traffic organically without any paid promotion. Read it to see how a holistic content strategy—including email marketing, Big Rock content, and more—can achieve amazing results.

4. The Psychology of Persuasive Content

Don’t let the slide count intimidate you: This guide from Web Psychologist Nathalie Nahai is a quick read, full of snackable insights on how emotion influences your audience.

5. Content Creation Hacks: How to Quickly Produce Valuable Content

Author Nick Westergaard espouses a “do more with less” mentality in his book, Get Scrappy. On this podcast for Social Media Marketing Examiner, Nick explains how marketers can be more “scrappy” in their content strategy and production. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript for Nick’s insight.

6. The Emotional Combinations That Make Stories Go Viral

Viral content typically evokes high-arousal emotions, such as joy or fear. But new research from Harvard Business Review suggests arousal is just one of the underlying drivers of viral content. Read on to understand how to strike the right emotional chords with your messaging to greatly increase your chances of viral success.

7. Easy-as-Pie Guide to Content Planning: 3 Recipes for Success

TopRank Marketing and DivvyHQ recently teamed up to help marketers take the complexity out of content planning. The end result is an eBook loaded with insight, including advice from LinkedIn’s Jason Miller. In this post, TopRank Marketing’s Knute Sands doles out the best “bites” from the eBook. 

8. How to Craft a Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy

In this article, Social-Hire.com’s Tony Restell offers a simple but effective eight-step plan for developing a social media presence from scratch.

9. 8 Ways to Have More Success with LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn Publisher can be a useful tool for brand building, establishing thought leadership, and more. Learn how to create posts that encourage sharing and start a dialogue with these tips from Top Dog Social Media CEO Melonie Dodaro.

10. 26 Tweetable Tips from Marketing MVPs

Kick off the weekend with these inspiring and educational quotes, compiled by PR Newswire.

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