What’s Trending: Spring Cleaning for Content Marketers

April 1, 2016

Spring is a time of renewal. A time of hope for the future. A time to finally dust the top of your refrigerator. As the days get longer and leaves sprout on the trees, it’s the perfect opportunity to open the windows, air out the house, and do some deep spring cleaning.

How is your content marketing strategy looking after a long winter’s nap? Are there dust bunnies under your editorial calendar? Cobwebs on your analytics dashboard? If so, there’s no time like spring to clean house and set yourself up for a successful rest of the year.

This week’s trending content has plenty of tips to help you shake off the winter doldrums and get your marketing efforts in tip-top shape.

So roll up your sleeves, put on your best house-cleaning playlist, and let these articles inspire you to spring into action.

This Week’s Trending Content:

1. 15 Reasons You’re Probably Disillusioned with Digital Marketing Right Now

“Disillusionment and lack of learning go hand in hand. If you can focus on gaining more knowledge about your industry, you will also gain more clarity on what you’re doing. Disillusionment vanishes.”

Crazy Egg and Hello Bar Co-Founder Neil Patel is one of the hardest-working content creators in the business. He regularly turns out tens of thousands of words a week. If even a dynamo like Neil can feel disillusioned, what hope do the rest of us have?

Fortunately, Neil applies his usual intellectual rigor to the problem, identifying probable causes of marketing malaise and offering advice on how to beat each one.

2. How to Maximize Your Content Exposure on LinkedIn

Once you have sparkly spring-clean content, show it off with strategic amplification. In this post for Social Media Examiner, I identify the most effective content amplification tactics on LinkedIn, backed up with success stories from marketers I admire.

3.  Winds of Change: Marketers Now Convinced Social Drives ROI (Report)

“An amazing 77 percent of the 3,975 marketers polled by Salesforce said that social can drive ROI (compared with just 31 percent last year).”

As social media increasingly becomes a paid platform, it’s heartening to know that smart investments in content promotion can pay off. AdWeek editor Justin Lafferty presents the encouraging results of a Salesforce survey of nearly 4,000 marketers in this article.

4. The Best Way to Present Marketing Results to Your CEO

In this article for Convince and Convert, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Jeffrey L. Cohen demonstrates how to gather data and present it in a way that makes sense to the C-suite.

5. Google Analytics for Content Marketers

The pros at SEMrush present this comprehensive webinar on finding the right metrics in Google Analytics to inform your content strategy. Loves Data CEO and Co-Founder Benjamin Mangold shares how to find the most relevant data and use it to optimize your content.

6. The Real Impact of Google’s New Paid Search Ad Layout on Organic Search

Now that the dust has settled on Google’s recent change in SERP layout, Acronym’s VP of SEO Winston Burton examines what has changed for content marketers and SEO specialists alike.

7. Content Marketing: Forget about the 5%

“We marketers always seem to look to the new, the exciting, the different instead of focusing on doing correctly what we we’ve already committed to.”

According to Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi, many marketers spend the vast majority of their efforts trying to reach the last 5% of their goals. Even if the 95% would be easier to achieve—even if it’s half done—we tend to chase after the next 5%. In this post, Joe offers an antidote to 5% obsession, encouraging marketers to perfect their established processes before pursuing the next shiny object.

8. Use Social Listening to Fuel Content Strategy

In this article leading up to the Agents of Change Conference, Elasticity’s Jason Falls details how Vespa used social listening to radically change their content strategy, reaching a broader, more affluent audience than they had before.

9. Research Shows Marketing Personalization Misses the Mark

“…many marketers are kidding themselves when they say they’re doing personalization. What they are really doing is putting lipstick on tired, transactional emails and blasting them from the latest and greatest CRM technology.”

Two of the biggest trends in marketing seem like they’re diametrically opposed: personalization and automation. According to ERDM Corp. President Ernan Roman, it’s possible to do both at the same time, and do it well. But many marketers settle for shallow personalization and crank up the automation. Ernan offers three ways to deliver a truly personalized experience without sacrificing efficiency.

10. Level up on the Future of Marketing: Marketing Insights from Marketing Nation Online

This SlideShare from Marketo collects data from over 25,000 webinar attendees for a look at the trends that are shaping marketing today and in the future.

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