What’s Trending: Stay Cool when the Competition Heats Up

July 22, 2016

A Melting Ice Cream Cone

For most of the country, it’s been a hot summer, and it’s looking to get even hotter through the weekend. I recommend stocking up on your frozen treat of choice and staying indoors, in a body of water, or both until it cools down.

When competition starts heating up in your marketing space, though, an ice cream cone and a wading pool may not do the trick. For example, when a competitor leaps ahead in search engine rankings, or your audience is enamored with a competitor’s content. When events like these happen, it’s normal to sense a little heat, possibly from multiple directions.

But don’t let them see you sweat. Use the tips in this week’s roundup of marketing articles to tighten up your SEO, measure your ROI, and extend your content’s reach. Prove you’re a smart, sophisticated marketer who can stay frosty when other marketers get hot under the collar.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:

1. Breaking Down the Fundamentals of Account-Based Marketing

ABM is a hot topic right now, with many B2B marketers still wrapping their heads around strategy. Marketo’s Heidi Bullock explains the basics in an easily-understandable way in this article.

2. 4 Horrible Content Marketing Mistakes That Have Cost Us Millions

With admirable transparency and candor, Groove Founder & CEO Alex Turnbull identifies audience-building, revenue-growing opportunities the Groove blog overlooked for years. Read it to be sure your brand isn’t leaving opportunity on the table.

3. How to Use Retroactive Interference for a Winning Content Strategy

“Retroactive interference” is the principle that as we learn new information, we unlearn older information. Maven Infosoft’s Rohan Ayyar demonstrates how brands can use this principle for more effective content marketing

4. Content Promotion: The Difference between Brands with Fans & Anonymous Content

“Our SEO was strong, our traffic numbers were skyrocketing, but we were the rocking internet marketing company that nobody had ever heard of. It was a total disaster. Here’s how we fixed it.”

Learn how to promote your content to influencers and media outlets with this Medium article by WordStream Founder Larry Kim.

5. LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Content Marketing Tells All

On this episode of the Missing Link podcast, LinkedIn’s Sean Callahan discusses his 20-year writing career and offers insider tips on LinkedIn marketing and strategy.

6. How to Improve Your Content Marketing with Predictive Scoring

Learn why too many leads can be a bad thing, and how sales and marketing can align for better lead processing, with this article from Radius Intelligence Content Marketing Manager Vignesh Subramanyan.

7. How to Measure the Success of Content Marketing

Learn the metrics to watch for on-page behavior, social activity, and SEO in this Search Engine Journal article from cognitiveSEO Founder & Chairman Razvan Gavrilas.

8. Why LinkedIn Is the Only Social Media I Use

Author, Speaker and “Career Nomad” Matthew Oleniuk shares the reasons LinkedIn is his go-to social network in this ProBlogger article.

9. Storytelling 301: Site Content as Story

Moz’s Isla McKetta goes beyond the usual buzzword definition of storytelling in this article. According to Isla, every part of your site tells a story, not just your marketing content.

10. Top 5 Digital Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business

Don’t be intimidated by the slide count—this massive presentation from HubSpot’s Ryan Bonnici is a quick, visually stimulating read. Ryan uses real-world examples to demonstrate his tips on increasing conversions and driving revenue.

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