What’s Trending: Does the Status Quo Keep You Safe or Hold You Back?

September 16, 2016

What’s Trending: What’s Trending: Does the Status Quo Keep You Safe or Hold You Back?

This past week, iPhone users had to grapple with a difficult choice: keep their old phone and hold on to headphones, or switch to the new model with no headphone jack?

Apple’s decision to ditch the standard 3.5mm jack led the Internet to freak out in ways only the Internet can. Some noted that the technology had worked fine for over 100 years and didn’t need to change. Others said it would be okay and we should wait and see.

How you feel about headphones is a deeply personal choice I won’t touch on this blog. Whether you’re pro-jack or anti-jack, though, we can agree “This is the way we’ve always done it” should never be an excuse for keeping a tactic running. It’s important to constantly evaluate to make sure each part of your strategy is earning its keep.

This week’s roundup of trending marketing content can help you ditch what isn’t working and try a few new tricks. Read on to learn how to spice up your content, combine your email and social media strategies, and more.

What’s Trending This Week:

1. Why Have B2B Brands Fallen Behind on Social Media?

According to Socedo CEO Aseem Badshah, B2B marketers have followed B2C’s social media models for too long. Aseem offers strategies that make more sense for B2B in this SocialTimes article.

2. How to Build a Dynamic Social Media Plan

Social media smarties Rebekah Radice and Katie Lance present this engaging, gently funny guide to succeeding on social media.

3. 5 Blog Post Ideas to Bring Variety to Your Content

This Social Media Examiner post goes above and beyond your standard listicle, providing real-life examples of creative content strategies. ClearVoice CEO and Co-Founder Joe Griffin supplies plenty of advanced tactics.

4. Complete Guide to Navigating LinkedIn Publisher Changes

LinkedIn Influencer Melonie Dodaro provides a comprehensive guide to the new possibilities available for long-form posts on LinkedIn in this Social Media Today article.

5. See What Content Marketing Success Truly Looks Like

Content Marketing Institute CEO Joe Pulizzi presents examples of extraordinary content marketing from this year’s Content Marketing Awards, offering in-depth analysis of each example.

6. Training with Content Marketing Jedi Masters

Sample the wisdom on display at Content Marketing World 2016 with this collection of insightful quotes, curated by Extreme Networks’ Jim MacLeod.

7. 5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Marketing Content Rock

Marketo Social Media Marketing Manager Lisa Marcyes offers tips to help you find the beat, create a groove, and add a distinctive voice to your social media and content marketing.

8. Sustainable Competitive Advantages in Digital Marketing

According to consultant Eric Enge, “slow and steady wins the race” is more than a cliché. Eric identifies five long-term projects that more than justify the time and effort for your marketing team.

9. Email Marketing in the Age of Social Media

Learn how to sync up your social media and email campaigns to boost the effectiveness of both, in this article from SendGrid, Inc. CMO Scott Heimes.

10. 10 Insightful Quotes on Designing a Better Customer Experience

This SlideShare from Studio Ninja Co-Founder Yuan Wang is more than a collection of quotes; Yuan unpacks each one to give actionable advice.

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