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August 11, 2017

Crater from Meteor Strike Representing Marketing Impact

Is your content doing what it’s supposed to do?

Sometimes, it can be all too easy to settle into the routine of churning out marketing material that, while strategically sound, fails to inspire action. You have your content calendar planned out, your targeted keywords lined up, your channels all accounted for -- but your content burns out in the atmosphere instead of making an impact with your target audience and your bottom line.

In a results-driven world, we all wrestle this conundrum. The top two challenges reported by marketers are generating traffic and leads, and proving ROI. Nothing new there.

In this round-up of the past week’s standout pieces, you will find insights on content types that affect purchase behavior, strategies for influencer marketing success, tips for maximizing your social media returns, and more.

Read on to learn how to create meteoric content that does more than light up the sky.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Boost Buyers with Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

New research from Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief (find it here) explores the ways in which buyers rely on content to make purchase decisions. At Business 2 Community, Wendy Marx draws a few key takeaways from the data.

2. The State of Content Strategy [Infographic]

Although 98% of senior marketers believe it’s important to follow a content marketing strategy, only 55% have a documented one in place. This stat-packed infographic from Contently will help you get a handle on the present state of the industry, and where your organization stands relative to the field.

3. 6 Successful B2B Influencer Marketing Approaches

One thing the aforementioned CMI/SmartBrief report makes clear is that decision-makers place a premium on credible sources and peer recommendations. This helps explain why influencer marketing is gaining more and more traction in the B2B space. Kaya Ismail outlines some techniques for getting it right.

4. Content Marketing with Limited Budget and Resources

Are you using your marketing spend efficiently? This SlideShare from Laura Hanley of Concentrek Group features plenty of free or inexpensive tools that can aid your efforts.

5. How to Use Fast Content to Keep Your Content Strategy Relevant

Fast content happens when brands notice an emerging cultural phenomenon, find a way to connect that phenomenon to their brand, and then quickly work to get that connection out into the world before people’s interest has moved onto the next thing. Find ways to eliminate some redundancy or expedite processes in your editorial process in this Skyword article by Kyle Harper.

6. How to Spin Social Followers into Gold

Many companies expend considerable effort and resources to compile ‘likes’ and followers on social networks, but don’t have a good plan for what to do once they are attained. Tamar Weinberg presents some methods for monetizing followers, with an emphasis on video content and educational courses.

7. How to Take Advantage of the Trends that Make ABM a Successful Strategy for B2B Marketers

The account-based marketing takeover is inevitable, and proactive marketers can get ahead of the curve by recognizing the trends leading to its proliferation. Follow along in these slides as Sean CallahanJon Miller, and Dorothea Gosling show you how.

8. 13 Critical B2B Marketing Metrics - Measuring Key Revenue Drivers

With a seemingly infinite number of metrics available today, which ones are most valuable for quantifying marketing’s impact on revenue performance? At Customer Think, Christopher Ryan narrows the field and lists 13 measures that answer vital business questions.

9. Low-Hanging Fruit: 5 Fast & Simple SEO Tactics to Harvest Tons of Organic Traffic

Optimizing search visibility can be a complex and lengthy process, but these five tactics via Jeremy Knauff of Spartan Media can help improve your organic rankings in a hurry.

10. Top Questions to Become a Mobile First SEO Hero

Marketers should be formulating every element of their programs with mobile optimization in mind. In this SlideShare, Aleyda Solis poses several questions companies can ask themselves when assessing their mobile SEO proficiency.

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