What's Trending: Mind the Tidal Wave

June 9, 2017

Tidal Wave Crashing

In this digital world, nothing stays the same for long. The habits of internet users change about as quickly as the search engine algorithms that help them find content.

To keep pace, and continue to improve, marketers must closely monitor the shifting currents. Given the scope of this vast sea we navigate, tracking the tides and their constant movement can be an intimidating proposition. 

Our latest round-up will help you stay one step ahead. You’ll find updates on evolving content consumption preferences, fresh insights on applying SEO to B2B marketing campaigns, and -- just maybe -- the final answer to an age-old question regarding social media and search rankings. 

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly: Q1 2017

This report will keep you apprised of the content topics executives engaged with during the early months of 2017, helping you chart a course for the rest of the year.

2. Is the Web as We Know It Dying?

Will the open web soon be a relic of the past? On his website, Jeff Bullas serves up some eye-opening statistics. For instance, did you know that smartphone users spend 85 percent of their time in apps and only 15 percent in their mobile browser?

3. 12 Ways to Ignite Your B2B Marketing

In advance of the B2B Marketing Ignite Conference in London, TopRank CEO Lee Odden brings us a dozen pointers on lighting the fuse, all from experts who will present at the event. From real-time data to virtual reality to influencer engagement, these are the areas where top pros in the industry are placing their focus. 

4. How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be?

What is the word count sweet spot when trying to create shareable content? Neil Patel aggregates several studies on the subject and offers recommendations for specific industries such as finance, manufacturing, and sales.

5. How to Engage Prospects on LinkedIn: A 5-Step Plan for Better Leads

As the world’s largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn can be an immensely powerful tool for generating quality leads. At Social Media Examiner, Kylie Chown lays out five steps to a personalized approach for developing stronger connections and relationships.

6. The Future Model for Content Marketing and Media Are Identical

In his latest entry for Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi draws some interesting parallels between the business models for content and media going forward. Both industries must work to build relationships, understand the needs of their audiences, and uncover new paths to revenue.

7. How to Win Company-Wide Content Marketing Buy-In

How can we encourage a cohesive content culture in companies where there may be resistance from various departments? The reinforcing stats and insightful advice in these slides from Tim Flavin, CMO of Installation & Service Technologies, will make the task easier.

8. How to Use SEO to Influence B2B Buyers at Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

“Mapping marketing activities to the buyer’s journey has proven to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities by 80 percent.” Using this data point as his launching point, Nate Dame of Propecta outlines tactics for creating and optimizing content that aligns with each step of the buyer’s research and decision processes. 

9. Does Social Media Help SEO?

It feels like this question has been asked time and time again over the years, with little clarity found. But at Search Engine Journal, Ron Dod claims to have the final answer, and he backs it up with supporting evidence direct from Google employees.

10. Why We Can’t Do SEO Without CRO

Once upon a time, the principles of search engine optimization on Google were rather straightforward. Optimize keywords, acquire links, and watch the rankings rise. But algorithms have evolved to more accurately accommodate a searcher’s specific query or need, as Moz’s Rand Fishkin explains.

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