What’s Trending: Achieve the Next Level of Marketing Sophistication

February 10, 2017

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Three years ago, the team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions launched an eBook that proposed an idea: As an industry, we need to be more strategic, more data-driven, more insightful, and better educated. We need to be proactive, not just reactive. Simply put, we need to achieve a higher level of sophistication.

Our first Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn put these values at the forefront. Since the initial launch in 2014, over 100k markerters worldwide have read it in their pursuit of taking a more sophisticated approach to marketing.

Not surprisingly, our industry has changed quite a bit since 2014, as has LinkedIn. So this week we launched the third edition of the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, fully updated with the latest developments in LinkedIn marketing, like LinkedIn Conversion Tracking, Programmatic Buying, Account Targeting and more. We hope it sparks a sophisticated revolution in your organization.

This week’s roundup of trending content includes a mix of thought-provoking opinion and practical how-to content that can help you achieve that next level of sophistication.

Here's What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Create Social Media Marketing Videos without Appearing on Camera

Even camera-shy marketers can create engaging video content. This article from Animoto’s Megan O’Neill can help you make great videos without on-camera talent or fancy equipment.

2. The Content Creation Process

This quick, visually engaging presentation from WebProfits Co-Founder Sujan Patel walks through the basics of content creation, from gathering ideas to amplification.

3. How to Build an ROI-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

In this article, Content Strategist Tyler Hakes explains how to build a long-term strategy focused on constant growth, rather than relying on the occasional viral content home run.

4.Three Account-Based Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Despite the title, this is no mere listicle: Joe Paone and Vyoma Kapur dive deep into ABM strategy, including methodology for selecting accounts and the right metrics to measure.

5.Write for Search Engines, Not Readers

Ana Hoffman, Founder of Traffic Generation Café, turns conventional wisdom upside-down in this SlideShare presentation. Since readers are likely to scan your content (the way a search engine does) rather than devour it, Ana argues, the use of keywords and headers is good for both readers and robots.

6. How to Marketing Yourself on LinkedIn - According to LinkedIn

Well, our Secret Sauce is out there. We just revealed the most effective ways to get your marketing messages noticed on LinkedIn and Social Media Consultant John Nemo shares the 'need to know' highlights in this post for Inc.

7. 17 Overlooked Content Marketing Promotion Ideas to Try in 2017

Marketers spend so much time on content creation that content promotion often falls by the wayside. But great content without a solid distribution plan falls flat. In this article for Business 2 Community, Christina Milanowski shares 17 ideas to maximize the ROI of our writing efforts.

8.7 Productivity Killers for Marketers and How to Fix Them

This article from Content Marketing Institute VP of Content Michele Linn has plenty of doldrums-busting advice for individual marketers and marketing teams.

9. Stellar Marketing Experts Reveal What They Would 3D Print in Space and Why? #MajesticInSpace

If you had the opportunity to 3D print anything (ANYTHING) in space, what would it be and why? Mel Carson, CEO of Delightful Communications asks top influencers for the Majestic blog and their answers are wildly entertaining.

10. How to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

VIEO Design’s Holly Yalove creates a guide for beginners and advanced marketers alike with this SlideShare, covering the basics and including tips every marketer can use.

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