What’s Trending: Avoid Content Marketing Pranks

March 31, 2017

A quick word of warning: Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, so don’t believe anything you hear or read (except for this article).

If your little sister says she’s dropping out of school, ask her to repeat herself tomorrow. If a news outlet says your favorite canceled TV show is getting another season, wait it out. If a marketing blog says they can see into the future, take it with a grain of salt. Or a whole saltshaker.

At least friends and family only get into the pranking business on April 1st. For marketers, choosing the wrong metrics is like getting pranked all year round. You can think your content is doing great, but—April Fools!—your traffic isn’t leading to conversions, or your amplification is hitting the wrong audience.

This week’s trending content can help you keep the April Fools at bay through this month and beyond. Read on to learn how to build a strategy focused on results, choose the right metrics to track progress, boost underperforming content, and more.

What’s Trending in Marketing This Week:

1. How to Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Results-Driven

Learn how to set the right type of goals for your marketing campaigns, use relevant metrics to track progress, and continually improve results with these tips from Digital Marketing Consultant Alexandra Tachalova.

2. Three Strategic Ways to Get Links to Your Website

Automated emails requesting links to your content are likely to be ignored at best. Rainmaker Digital Founder & CEO Brian Clark shares ethical link-building techniques that actually work.

3. Aligning Social Media & Content Marketing for Success

Learn how to set goals, find your target audience, and create an integrated content marketing campaign in this SlideShare from ZAG Interactive’s Dawn Melesko.

4. How to Create a Brilliant Newsletter People Want to Read

Eventbrite Head of Growth Mark Walker shares how to create a curated-content newsletter that provides value and compels readers to opt-in for more.

5. The Four Ways to Fix Your Broken Content Marketing

If your content is underperforming, Convince&Convert President Jay Baer offers some easy fixes in this post. Learn how to fix your topic selection, amplification, format and creative to better reach your audience.

6. Are Technical and Content Audits Still Relevant?

Audits can be a valuable tool for evaluating and optimizing content performance—provided they’re performed properly. Ecselis’ David Freeman explains how to conduct audits that surface valuable insights.

7. Tracking Digital Metrics that Matter

This unique presentation from Forum One’s Autumn Rose and InfoCommerce Group Inc.’s Minal Bopiah and takes an organizational approach to metrics, demonstrating how to build a structure for measurement and reporting that makes sense to marketers, marketing managers, and the C-suite.

8. 7 Ways to Use Account-Based Marketing Throughout the Year

Learn how to keep connected with your most valuable accounts with these tips from Due Founder & CEO John Rampton.

9. Which Content Marketing Strategies Have the Biggest Impact on Keyword Rankings?

Take a data-heavy deep dive into content marketing strategy with this post from Crazy Egg & Hello Bar Co-Founder Neil Patel. Find out how wordcount, topical relevance, long-tail keywords and use of images affect content performance.

10. 7 Growth Lessons from Silicon Valley – And Why They Don’t Call It “Growth Hacking”

This presentation from Growth Consultant Andy Young goes beyond the buzzword to show how marketers can help companies grow, no hacking required.

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