What’s Trending: B2B Email Marketing That Delivers

November 3, 2017

Line of Mailboxes Ready for Pickup and Delivery

“You’ve got mail!”

Did you ever use America Online, back when the dial-up service was introducing many of us to the Web for the first time? (RIP AIM on Dec. 15.) Remember how exciting it was to log in and hear those three words, indicating that a new message awaited you?

It’s a different world now. These days, email is often viewed as a cumbersome annoyance, to the point where professionals sometimes equate “Inbox Zero” with a state of nirvana.

Email can still be a highly valuable tool for direct engagement, however. It continues to rank as one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of ROI and conversions. The key is to be smarter and more thoughtful in our approach.

This requires adapting to today’s user habits, and understanding time and attention are at more of a premium than ever with many accessing email via mobile. It also requires looking past the standard inbox. For example, we can apply the same direct marketing concepts via social media with tools like LinkedIn InMail, which boosts results thanks to higher deliverability and better targeting.

This week, we’ve gathered some tips to reignite your B2B email marketing efforts and get recipients excited about clicking open. 

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. B2B Email Marketing Tips: Building Your First Drip Campaign

With strategically timed messaging, an email drip campaign aligns with the physical sales funnel. This style of campaign can achieve stellar open rates. If you’re new to the tactic, read this beginner’s guide from Matt Curtis to get started.

2. 6 Email Marketing Tips for the B2B Marketer

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can increase your email marketing sophistication with these pointers via Mike Madden of Marketo. He explains how to implement an account-based marketing approach, optimize for mobile, engage with trigger-based campaigns, and more.

3. Using Marketing Analytics to Win at Email Marketing

“If you’re a marketer who isn’t using data to fuel and guide your email-marketing campaigns, you’re leaving serious money on the table,” says Jordie Black. Learn how to apply the most useful metrics and drive personalization in this extensive breakdown.

4. State of Conversational Marketing 2017

Chatbots and live messaging are becoming more prominent as methods for businesses to communicate with customers and prospects. You’ll find plenty of statistics, insights, and actionable takeaways around this trend in the slides below, courtesy of Drift and Clearbit:

5. LinkedIn is Making a Seismic Shift -- Here's What You Need to Know

In line with this transition toward real-time engagements online, LinkedIn is continually enhancing its messaging system and recently unveiled a “Smart Replies” feature. John Nemo covers some of the lead gen implications.

6. What You Can Learn from a Bad Email

For a laundry list of mistakes to avoid when comprising your marketing emails, check out this detailed dissection by Ryan Phelan.

7. Navigating B2B Attribution

Facing an increasingly complex buyer journey, how can you conclusively tie your B2B marketing efforts to results? Amy Bishop walks us through the many elements of tracking and attribution in today’s environment:

8. 5 Steps to Making Your Content Smarter

Smart content is discoverable, optimized, and profitable. BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu explains how you can check all three boxes with a strategy driven by SEO and data.

9. Marketers Need to Stop Looking at Mobile as a Channel. It’s a Lifestyle

Mobile devices aren’t simply platforms for delivering content, like social media or email. They are fundamental parts of our day-to-day lives. And as Will Kassoy writes, smartphones “are capable of hosting an entire customer journey, from discovery to purchase—and even after, as part of an ongoing loyalty program.”

10. Launching and Scaling an Account Based Marketing Strategy: Implementing the Right Way

Getting your ABM program off the ground requires laying the proper foundation and planning for scalability. This SlideShare from Uberflip illustrates the why and how:

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