What’s Trending: Creating More Effective Online Ads

November 24, 2017

Man Viewing Contextual Online Ads on Tablet

Running online ads can be stressful for marketers.

Because of the investment in these campaigns, there is increased pressure to deliver clear revenue results. And with so many different promotions running on every channel, the challenge of standing out is magnified.

As the battle for consumer’s attention heats up, marketers need a change in mindset to succeed. We can’t be salesy, trying to push people directly to the bottom of the funnel. We need to think more strategically and contextually.

In other words, we need to better adopt the principles of content marketing in our online advertising tactics.

Looking ahead to 2018, this figures to be one of the focal points for marketing as a whole. Today, as you let your Thanksgiving meals (and first rounds of leftovers) digest, we’ll provide you with some food for thought on the topic.

These insights can help you improve your advertising impact on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Why Brands are Getting Serious About Targeted Content

On average, today’s internet banner ads achieve only a .06 percent click rate. Yikes! George Beall examines some reasons that traditional advertising’s efficacy is waning, and preaches the value of targeted native ads.

2. The Best Ads Aren’t Ads

The key to getting clicks? David Rodnitzky argues that it’s making your ad have more value than a traditional banner ad. He shows how companies are doing this with sponsored editorial content, influencer marketing, social media advertising, and more.

3. Let the Data Tell the Story - Getting Started with Behavioral Marketing

Serving ads that are truly interesting to your audience requires understanding how they think and act, then tailoring your approach around these insights. The slides from Kissmetrics explain how you can use data to map out the customer journey and align your content:

4. 3 Case Studies of Duplicate Content Consolidation

Duplicate or extremely similar content presents an SEO dilemma. Chris Long of Go Fish Digital shares real examples of how such issues were handled by his team, along with the results.

5. Scale Your B2B Content with Artificial Intelligence: Ideas and Tools Marketers Can Try

Still trying to wrap your head around ways that AI can benefit your marketing strategy? Marcia Riefer Johnston outlines some applications for the technology, all structured around the 5 P’s: Planning, Production, Personalization, Promotion, Performance.

6. Link Strategies: The Who, What, and Why of Link Building

This guide to link-building via Rebecca Gill covers all the bases and includes plenty of helpful visuals:

7. How & Why to Make Your Website More Secure

Website security has always been an important consideration for businesses, and now even more so with Google viewing it as a ranking factor. Lindsay Kolowich of Moz walks us through tactics for fixing common SSL issues.

8. 5 Interactive Content Myths That Are Holding Your Content Strategy Back

It’s too expensive? It doesn’t really affect engagement? It takes too much time? Nicole Cordier addresses some pervasive misperceptions about interactive content, and might just inspire you to jump in.

9. How To Turn Website Visitors Into B2B Customers - B2B Expert Tips

How can B2B companies convert website visitors? Brightest Minds corralled tips from many industry experts, and you’ll find them in this SlideShare:

10. How to Live-Blog at Events for More Exposure

Live-blogging is a great way to get the most out of events and engage attendees. Holly Chessman offers up some guidance on putting together a plan.

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