What’s Trending: Facts or Feelings? Why Marketing Needs Both

May 12, 2017


It’s easy to think of data and emotion as two opposite—or at least largely incompatible—entities. On the one hand, you have cold, hard facts: sterile, reliable, concrete. On the other, you have fuzzy stuff like empathy, feelings, inklings, and anecdotes.

As important as the right data is for successful marketing, though, we can’t ignore the emotional component. Data can tell us which audience to target, and where, and on what pain point, but it’s empathy and creativity that creates compelling content for that audience.

This week’s roundup kicks off with some deep thoughts about the importance of emotion in marketing. Later on, you will find an excellent guide to making the best use of data, too. Use these resources to find your balance, backing up your feelings with facts, and vice versa.

What Marketers Were Reading & Sharing Most This Week:

1. Why Marketers Need to Care about Empathy, Not Just Data

As marketing becomes more data-driven, it’s important to remember the real human beings on the receiving end of our messaging. Communications Consultant Tom Pritchard explores what empathy means—and doesn’t mean—for marketers in this thought-provoking piece.

2. Social Analytics for Bored Marketers

This SlideShare presentation from Portent, Inc. CEO & Founder Ian Lurie explains social media analytics—what to measure, why, and what to do with the results—in an entertaining format that won’t have you stifling yawns.

3. Here’s What You Should Do If Your Search Rankings Just Dropped

Learn how to discover the source of a ranking dip and repair the damage with this in-depth guide from Crazy Egg & Hello Bar Co-Founder Neil Patel.

4. 5 Important Visual Lessons from Designers for Content Marketers

Learn how to create more visually compelling content that encourages engagement with these tips from Bannersnack’s Robert Katai.

5. How to Secure Buy-In for Your Content Marketing Program Expansion

To sell a bigger program to your C-suite, you need to speak their language and focus on what matters to them. Etched Marketing President & Founder Rachel Lindteigen breaks down the steps to securing the budget you need.

6. Do It Better, Do It with Data!

While data isn’t the be-all and end-all of marketing, there’s no question that right data used the right way makes marketing more effective. Bisnode’s Florent Diverchy demonstrates how to properly use data to generate better outcomes and measure them more precisely.

7. How to Create a Social Media Marketing Content Plan in 7 Steps

This article does exactly what it says on the tin: It’s an illustrated, detailed guide to content planning from Think Digital First CEO Warren Knight.

8. 6 Steps to Search Optimize PDFs

PDF files are often the best choice for marketing materials, but the nature of the format makes it hard for search engines to see them. ToTheWeb LLC’s Rosemary Brisco offers tips for making your PDFs easier to find in organic search.

9. How to Optimize for Voice Search

Voice SEO is a future marketing trend that is rapidly becoming a present concern. Learn how to tailor your content to voice search queries with this article from BrightLocal’s Sherry Bonelli

10. Going Down the Rabbit Hole: Chaos, Curiosity & Creativity

Don’t let the slide count scare you – this is a quick, compelling read from Verve Search Head of Creative Hannah Smith. Hannah uses Verve’s own experience to share how you can develop a process for generating creative ideas.

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