What’s Trending: Find Your Content Marketing Goldilocks

February 24, 2017


New methodology alert: These posts were selected from what marketers were engaging with and sharing most this week on LinkedIn Elevate.

Sometimes finding the right content marketing mix is like the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We publish too frequently, then not frequently enough. The content is too long or too short. We’re relying too much on organic or too much on paid.

It can be challenging to balance all the elements for a strategy that is just right. Adding to the challenge is that the Goldilocks Balance is different for each industry, each audience, even each campaign. The best approach is to learn as many tactics as we can, and keep experimenting and learning.

This week’s roundup of trending marketing content can help. Read on to find tips for content marketing at scale, tactics for doing more with less, ways to simplify your strategy, and advice for taking a more sophisticated approach.

What’s Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week

1. The ‘Less Is More’ Content Strategy

Most of us have content ambitions that outstrip our available resources. BuzzSumo Director Steve Rayson explains how to multiply your effort with strategic content creation and amplification.

2. Two Vital Elements That Might Be Missing From Your Content (And Precisely Where to Add Them)

Swish Design Co-Owner Kelly Exeter explains how to make sure your content has a strong hook and a clearly-communicated big idea, to both grab and hold readers’ attention all the way to the CTA.

3. 5 Ways to Analyze Your Social Media Marketing Performance

Get the metrics you need to measure success across social networks with this in-depth article from Entrepreneur Magazine Columnist Deep Patel.

4. 7 Social Media Trends for 2017

This post on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform from Global Director of Customer Self-Service and Social Care at Avast Software, Jas Dhailwal is more substantial than the standard predictions piece. Jas explores each trend thoroughly, with plenty of next steps marketers can take to stay ahead of the game.

5. Want to Scale Up Your Content Operations? 4 Things to Think Big About

This post is an embarrassment of riches for those looking to expand their content marketing scope. Content Marketing Institute’s Marcia Riefer Johnston supplements a lengthy, tactic-packed article with an infographic featuring advice from 20 content marketing experts.

6.7 Great Ted Talks That Will Inspire You to Succeed

Everyone wants to succeed, but not everyone knows how to succeed. Listening to a TED Talk is a great way to gain information, discover new sources of innovation, and jump-start your life toward success. Within this post for Inc., Lolly Daskal shares some of her favorites that are especially powerful with wonderful takeaways.

7. Think You’re Not Good at Content Marketing? Try Simplifying Your Strategy

Learn how to reduce your content marketing strategy to the bare essentials—just three questions that can guide all your efforts—with these tips from Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner.

8. Five Top Content Leaders Shed Light on the Needs of Modern B2B Marketing

"Content is kind of everybody's job and nobody's job," said Content Marketing Institute's chief strategy adviser, Robert Rose. Check out this MarketingProfs post by Barry Feldman for more insights from the following content marketing experts: Ann Handley, Ardath Albee, Scott Abel, and Michael Brenner.

9.How to Convince Your Boss that Video Needs to Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Video can be a powerful way to reach and persuade an audience, but getting started takes at least some initial investment. BOXmedia’s Rashpal Sagoo explains how to make the case to the C-suite in a simple but compelling way.

10.How to Apply Analytics Data to Make Better Content Marketing Decisions

This meaty eBook from Content Marketing Institute does what it says on the tin: It takes a comprehensive look at tracking metrics and using that data to inform and improve your program.

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