What’s Trending: How B2B Marketers Can Crack the Case Study

December 1, 2017

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No matter how good your brand messaging is, it will never resonate in the same way as real-life stories and experiences from your customers. The authenticity and relatability cannot be matched.

Capitalizing on positive feedback and turning it into persuasive content is a top priority for today’s marketers. Earlier this week, Sean Callahan wrote about ways to solicit and leverage B2B product reviews. This is one excellent method for harnessing the power of social proof.

Another is the case study. Detailed examples of your solution in action can serve as the compelling evidence needed to sway a pensive buyer. But the challenge is in maintaining that crucial authenticity, so your stories come off as genuine and honest rather than self-congratulatory. That requires sticking to clear facts, injecting the client’s voice, and showing definitive results.

To kick off this week’s top trending content for marketers, we’ll share some great insights on cracking the B2B case study. In addition, you’ll find advice on enhancing visuals, improving online surveys, optimizing blog content, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Write Marketing Case Studies That Convert

On the Moz Blog, Kerry Jones offers up a ton of pointers on putting together an effective B2B case study. You’ll learn how to overcome client objections, which three elements should always be present, and more.

2. B2B Storytelling on a Modest Budget

At their core, case studies are about telling stories -- the exposition, the conflict, the resolution. So as you contemplate ways to construct customer narratives, this AdAge Q&A with Connie O’Brien on cost-conscious brand storytelling is worth a read.

3. 7 Mobile Apps for Editing and Enhancing Images

Written content needs accompaniment from bold, unique visuals to stand out and get noticed. These seven handy tools via Tabitha Carro can help you spice up your images on the fly.

4. A Take on 3 Confusing Terms: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy

Contrary to common belief, there are sharp and important distinctions between these three oft-used marketing phrases. At Content Marketing Institute, Melanie Seibert explains what the differences are and why they matter.

5. The State of Marketing Technology 2017/2018

Martech wizard Scott Brinker returns with his annual look at the expanding universe of marketing technology (over 5,000 solutions and counting). If all the options and combinations make your head spin a little, this SlideShare will help you regain your equilibrium.

6. How Your Website Redesign Can Sabotage Your Paid Search Efforts

Revamping your company’s website? Sweet! But Pauline Jakober warns to make sure you’re aware of these frequent PPC issues that can arise during such initiatives.

7. 4 Ways to Optimize Blog Content So That It Actually Gets Read

If you enjoy writing, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of compiling huge chunks of text that repel readers. Krzysztof Gilowski breaks down eye-tracking research to deliver insights on which formatting styles really keep visitors following along.

8. What Channels are You Using for B2B Lead Generation?

Email, SEO, content, social, and referrals: Johanna Rivard provides data to reinforce each of these leading B2B lead gen channels.

9. Is Content Marketing Sustainable?

Digging into his company’s deep trove of data on social media sharing trends, BuzzSumo Director Steve Rayson tackles this pressing question in the marketing world. His conclusion? “Content Shock” is definitely taking its toll, but we can combat it by identifying and addressing new areas of interest before they become saturated.

10. Why Writing Style Matters for Social and Content Marketing

Mark Traphagen, who taught English lit and composition before getting into marketing, makes a case for writing style as an increasingly overlooked cornerstone of online communication.

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