What’s Trending: Is Your Inner Artist in Hiding?

October 6, 2017


In the days leading up to her MarketingProfs B2B Forum event this week, Ann Handley shared her two most important stats from the 2018 B2B Content Marketing Report. Among them: 74% of B2B marketers agree their organization values creativity and craft in content production. Now compare that to the 88% of “top performing” orgs that agreed, and we see a relatively strong link between marketing performance and embraced artistry.

Fortunately, we’re all artists, or at least we should be, maintains B2B Forum keynoter Ron Tite. We mistakenly think creativity is an innate skill – we have it or we don’t – when we have full power to call upon the artistic reserves that bubble behind the exterior of every marketing department.

Learn how to prime your creative team for “clutter-busting” production, gain expert tips for creating the ultimate content team, discover new tools to make your life easier, and more in this week’s roundup of trending marketing content.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 5 Steps to Prime Your Creatives to Produce Outstanding, Clutter-Busting Content

Now that we’ve reinforced the importance of creativity, let CMI guest author Marcus Varner show you how to maximize the creative output of your team. 

2. 7 Ways Martech Expertise Elevates Your B2B Marketing Career

Martech still won’t compensate for substandard strategy, but among marketers with a plan, martech execution can mean the difference between good and exceptional. David Crane explores the top benefits of martech expertise as they relate to career advancement.

3. How Artificial Intelligence Helps B2B Companies Succeed in Competitive Markets

Zilliant’s Greg Peters serves up a compelling case for C-Suites everywhere to use AI to identify “the most predictable and actionable paths to hitting revenue and margin targets.”

4. How 3 Brands Are Using AI To Enhance Their Creativity

Adobe’s Chris Duffey encourages you to view AI as more utility than technology in this example-laden article.

5. How to Create a Persuasive Sales Page (Even If You Hate Selling) [Infographic]

Even if your brand has an un-salesy vibe, at some point every B2B marketer is held accountable for conversion. Thankfully, MarketingProfs’ Laura Forer is here to help us avoid the “sleazy” side of the conversion coin. 

6. 82 Content Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Marketers love their tools and we’re no exception, which is why we couldn’t resist showcasing this unsurprisingly popular post by Neil Patel.

7. 13 Experts Share Their Best Tips on How to Build a Well-Run Content Team

CMI Guest Author Aaron Agius takes the chaos out of team building with these expertly curated tips on organizational order.

8. Digital Marketing Can Cost More Than It Makes, Here’s How to Reverse That

This post from the CEB Marketing & Communications blog makes a beeline to the issues that bungle digital ROI, ultimately helping you identify and prioritize your return-generating efforts.

9. Brands Are Doing More Experiential Marketing. Here’s How They’re Measuring Whether It’s Working

Based on the wide-held belief that brand experience drives loyalty, more brands are turning to experiential marketing to create memorable, brand-infused moments. Adweek Senior Editor Kristina Monllos explains how brands evaluate the effectiveness of their experiential efforts.

10. Over 150 People Tried to Draw 10 Famous Logos from Memory, and the Results Are Hilarious

Here’s a fun exercise if you have a few minutes: Without referencing the chart below, draw the logo of the following 10 brands:

1.     Apple

2.     Adidas

3.     Burger King

4.     Starbucks

5.     Ikea

6.     Domino’s

7.     Foot Locker

8.     Target

9.     7-Eleven

10.  Walmart

Okay, how did you do?...

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