What’s Trending: Love It Or Hate It, AI Is Coming

April 14, 2017


The human race has a love/hate relationship with robots. For every helpful Roomba, there’s the threat of a Terminator. For every Alexa playing us music, there’s an algorithm learning exactly how to steal our jobs.

Love it or hate it, though, artificial intelligence is coming to marketing. In some small ways, it’s already here. Artificially-generated content is filling the sports section of newspapers. Programmatic buying is simply allowing computers to do faster and more efficiently what humans have been doing for years.

Marketers should look at AI as a new toolkit, not a replacement. It will definitely change the way we approach marketing on a day-to-day basis—but change is nothing new for our industry. We will need to, as always, continue learning new skillsets and pursuing new ways to reach our audience.

This week’s roundup starts with a thoughtful piece about the future of AI in marketing. For the here and now, you’ll also find guides to account-based marketing, content marketing strategy, and more.

Here's what marketers were reading & sharing most this week

1. Why the Future of Marketing Is Curiosity, Not Creation

According to Convince & Convert President Jay Baer, the idea of handcrafting content may soon seem like a laughable anachronism. Jay explores what the future might look like for content marketers, and how we can prepare to embrace that future.

2. 5 Steps to Winning at Account-Based Marketing

This guide goes a little deeper than your average 101. Dun&Bradstreet CMO Rishi Dave digs into some key specifics in ABM planning and execution.

3. How to Assess Your LinkedIn Company Page Performance

Learn how to measure the success of your LinkedIn Company Page—and how it stacks up against competitors—with these tips from Digital Marketing Consultant Oren Greenberg.

4. The B2B Persona Project

Salesforce just completed a massive study on B2B decision makers. Principal of Marketing Insights Matthew Sweezey brings the highlights to this SlideShare presentation.

5. No Content Strategy Is an Island

Before you build your content strategy, make sure it rests on a firm foundation. Conglomotron, LLC’s Rebecca Lieb identifies the questions you must answer in four key areas before you start to plan.

6. 2 Funnels Are Necessary for Content Marketing

What’s better than content that contributes to a conversion? Content that becomes its own revenue stream. King Content Singapore’s Daniel Hochuli details the steps for creating a content-first business.

7. Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re fuzzy on the details of what makes a successful social media strategy, dive into this comprehensive guide from Marketing Consultant Dr. Walid El Etriby.

8. 6 Easy Ways to Perfect Your Landing Pages

Marketo’s Stacey Thornberry identifies some quick wins for raising your landing pages’ conversion rate, including tips on creating the perfect CTA and streamlining forms to encourage completions.

9. Want More Creative Marketing? You Need More Sensitive Marketers

When we think of “sensitive” people in an office, the connotation is usually negative. They may be over-emotional, illogical, or too passive. In this episode of his Unthinkable podcast, Jay Acunzo suggests that “sensitive” also means “empathetic,” a highly-prized skill for marketers.

10. 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Last week, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions rolled out native mobile lead gen forms for Sponsored Content. The team at Zapier explains how these forms work and how to use them to maximize conversions.

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