What’s Trending: Make Up for Lost Time

March 10, 2017

Alarm Clock

New methodology alert: These posts were selected from what marketers were engaging with and sharing most this week on LinkedIn Elevate.

We knew it was coming. Last fall, we were loaned an extra hour in the day. This Sunday, we have to pay back the time. We have to hop forward an hour like the world’s least exciting time travelers. On the plus side the sun hangs out for an extra hour. Seems like a fair trade.

Even without Daylight Savings Time, marketers never have too many hours in the day. There’s always one more campaign to launch, piece of content to create, or influencer to connect with. Figuring out how to do more with less time is just part of the job description.

This week’s roundup of trending marketing content can help you make up for lost time. Read on for thought leadership building strategies, how to make the most of artificial intelligence, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Thought Leadership: How to Become Known to the People Who Matter

Learn how to build a reputation for thought leadership through strategic content creation and amplification with this podcast from Marketing Consultant Mark Schaefer and Social Media Examiner CEO/Founder Michael Stelzner.

2. Generation Z: 12 Important Things Companies Need to Understand

Generation Z is joining the workforce, and like new generations before them, they're arriving with their own set of attitudes and expectations. Read on to find out what the Forbes Coaches Council thinks employers need to know about this up-and-coming cohort and how they're poised to change the workforce in the coming years. 

3. 4 Analytics Reports Every Content Marketer Should Use

This comprehensive guide from Content Marketing Institute’s Michele Linn not only highlights the most useful reports in Google Analytics, it explains how to generate and read each of them.

4. 10 Things Marketers Need To Know About AI

AI-enabled marketing isn't just about cute chatbots. James A. Martin shares what CMOs, CIOs and others need to know to make the most of AI in their marketing initiatives in 2017 and beyond in this piece on the CIO.com blog.

5. A Technical Argument for Quality Content

What does “quality content” mean from an SEO perspective? Dave Davies, Beanstalk Internet Marketing CEO, dives into the latest research to come up with an actionable definition of quality.

6. Why You Should Spend More Time on LinkedIn (According to Science)

Who are we to argue with science? Social Media Consultant John Nemo rounds up the latest stats on B2B marketing on LinkedIn, then explains how to translate the stats into productive action.

7. Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Make Your Job Robot-Proof

What role does AI currently play in marketing, and which jobs will be the first to fall to our robot overlords? Mintigo CEO Jacob Shama surveys the landscape and identifies four ways marketers can stay relevant in an automated world.

8. 10 Must-Have Skills for Content Marketers in 2017

To make themselves essential now and in the future, marketers need to know something about everything, from analytics to user experience. Ironpaper Founder & CEO Jonathan Franchell identifies ten key ways marketers can round out their expertise.

9. How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing

Learn how to get results with your organic and paid marketing efforts on LinkedIn, with this guide from WebProfits Co-Founder Sujan Patel.

10. Insider’s Guide to Content Amplification

Take a master class in paid, earned, and owned media with BuzzSumo Director Steve Rayson and Content Marketing Consultant Barry Feldman.