What’s Trending: Marketing from the Heart

February 17, 2017

Heart-Shaped Steel Art Installation on a City Street

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you know what that means: Half-priced candy and chocolate for everyone. Marketers are known for getting the most out of our budgets. Maybe next year we can convince those we love to celebrate on the 15th and save a bundle.

As nice as it may be to set aside a day to celebrate love, we know that the good feelings don’t start and end on February 14th. The people we’re trying to reach need to know we care 365 days a year.

This week’s roundup of marketing content can help you send year-round Valentines to your target audience. It starts with a deep dive on attribution, and includes tips on personalizing content and a guide to really getting to know customers through in-person interviews.

So crack open a steeply-discounted heart-shaped box and dig in.

Here's What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week

1. Understand How Content Is Influencing Buyers: A Primer on Attribution Models

Proper attribution is vital for proving ROI and optimizing performance. Curata CEO Pawan Deshpande explores the most popular attribution models in detail, providing pros, cons, and recommendations.

2. Email, LinkedIn and White Papers Remain Key Strategies in Lead Gen for B2B Marketers

According to DemandWave's 6th annual State of B2B Digital Marketing Report, delivering quality leads is a more important objective for B2B marketers in the US than driving more leads– but it’s also a bigger challenge. Laurie Fullerton outlines some of the report highlights in this article for The Drum.

3. How to Use Content Marketing to Show Customers Your Love

Valentine’s Day may be over, but these thoughtful ways to personalize content for customers never go out of style. Holly Chessman, Glance Networks VP of Marketing, provides easy ways to show customers you’re listening and you care.

4. The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Interviews

Learn how to get the information you need to reach your audience with these interview tips from Good Funnel’s Dustin Walker.

5. 14 Content Marketers to Love

In this hilarious quiz from ion interative, you'll fill in the blanks within quotes from your favorite content marketers, including Joe Pulizzi, Michael Brenner, Seth Godin and more.

6.The Role of Gut Instincts in Content Marketing

On this episode of the Unthinkable Podcast, Jay Acunzo explains how to best use your creative instincts to create exceptional content.

7. 5 Reasons To Put Your Blog At The Center Of Your Marketing

Over time, blogs have become marketing stepchildren. They lack the love and connection to the business’s core marketing strategies and plans. To get your marketing team motivated, understand why the blogging renaissance is taking place now in Heidi Cohen's piece for The Actionable Marketing Guide.

8. Virtual Reality Is Now a Marketing Reality [Gifographic]

Explore the ways virtual reality can boost your marketing efforts with this hypnotizing moving infographic from Marketo.

9.Are You Guilty of These Conversion-Killing Crimes?

Make your landing pages more effective by eliminating these common CRO faux pas. Optim-Eyez Managing Director Sam Hurley identifies easy fixes that can compel clicks.

10. Valentines for Marketers to Share

MarketingProfs won Valentine's Day this year with this clever SlideShare filled with love-filled messages for marketers, by marketers.

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