What’s Trending: Refine Your Retargeting for Big Returns

November 17, 2017

Three Darts Hitting Same Spot on Board

In the world of B2B, there’s no such thing as an impulse buy. The buying process can often extend over days — or months — of consideration and comparison shopping.

Because of this, it’s important to remain top-of-mind for your prospects after they encounter your brand. So it’s no surprise that retargeting, once pigeonholed in the realm of B2C e-commerce, is becoming a powerful tactic for B2B marketers.

The statistics are striking: retargeted ads get 10 times more clicks than standard display ads, and users who visit a site through retargeted ads are 70 percent more likely to convert. Familiarity and recognition hold weight, no matter what type of business you’re in.

To make sure LinkedIn advertisers can take advantage of this increasingly popular approach, we recently introduced Website Retargeting on the platform, enabling you to continually engage website visitors who have demonstrated some level of interest or intent.

And to help you step up your retargeting efforts, here and elsewhere, we’re leading this week’s trending content roundup with some tips for maximizing your efficacy with the method. You’ll also find fresh tips on creating shareable visual content, preparing for voice search, maximizing value from buyer reviews, and more.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 7 Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns

Descriptive naming conventions, conversion optimization, and focusing on your best-performing audiences are among the pointers from David Christopher to ramp up your retargeting success. Try applying some of these with your next LinkedIn retargeting campaign.

2. The Silent Rise of LinkedIn

We appreciate this post from Brian Peters of Buffer examining LinkedIn’s rise from zero members to 500 million members in less than 15 years. He also shines a light on the network’s evolution into a content-first platform and native video hotspot.

3. 6 Types of Visual Content That Get the Most Likes and Shares

Last week we discussed the importance of visual content marketing. Here, Chuck Price serves up some quality info on which types tend to gain the most social traction.

4. The World of SEO in 2018

Rand Fishkin lays out the current search landscape as only he can in this SlideShare presentation packed with charts and graphs:

5. Why Are B2B Companies Moving Inside Sales To The Marketing Department?

“Where possible, it makes sense to develop a marketing-sourced sales pipeline, using inside sales as the connective tissue between the initial marketing touch and the closing of the offer.” A great data-driven take on B2B sales-marketing convergence here via Matt Gingerich.

6. Voice Search: Content May Be King, But Context is Queen in the New Voice-First World

As we head into 2018, marketers need to be cognizant of voice search’s growing influence on the way people find things online. Michelle Robbins interviewed Duane Forrester on the subject, and their discussion is well worth a read.

7. The Future of Searchable Content: Voice Search and AI

Delve further into the topic above with this presentation Katy Katz recently delivered at PubCon:

8. What B2B Marketing Attributes are CMOs Looking for in 2018?

Which skillsets will define tomorrow’s most effective B2B marketers? Scott Vaughan, CMO for INTEGRATE, shares his thoughts from an insider perspective.

9. Are Your B2B Reviews Authentic? It Matters to Your Buyers. Here’s How.

In this age of purchase decisions driven by peer recommendations and third-party insights, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that B2B reviews hold significant sway with buyers. You might be surprised, though, to learn that a lack of negative reviews can actually be detrimental. Check out the stats in the bulletpoints shared here by Maria Geokezas of Heinz Marketing.

10. How to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

In this SlideShare, the expert marketers at Brightest Minds round up tips retargeting and conversion tips from industry leaders.

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