What’s Trending: Spring Cleaning for Marketing Tactics

March 18, 2017


Massive East Coast snowstorms notwithstanding, this Monday marks the official first day of spring. You know what that means: Goodbye winter coats, hello seasonal allergies.

As you stock up on tissues, don’t forget that spring is also for spring cleaning. It’s a time to shake off the winter sluggishness, roll up your sleeves, and get everything refreshed and ready to welcome new growth. For marketers, that means scrubbing away bad habits and polishing underperforming campaigns until they shine.

This week’s roundup of trending content can help you spring clean your marketing efforts. Read on for tips on more effective influencer marketing, how to spruce up your SEO, and more.

What’s Trending in Marketing This Week:

1. 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Budget For Now

This infographic from MDG Advertising doesn’t limit itself to the usual suspects. Explore trends in data management, automation, and content marketing in an easy-to-process format.

2. The Crack in Influencer Marketing You Need to Know About

There’s no denying influencer marketing can be effective. But it also means entrusting your brand to a potentially unpredictable third party. Michael Brenner, CEO of the Marketing Insider Group, identifies the hazards inherent in influencer marketing and reveals how to mitigate the risks.

3. The New ‘SEO’: Five Ingredients for a Profitable Search Experience Optimization Recipe

High-quality content is a major component of modern SEO. Learn how to craft content your audiences will devour with this food-themed guide from Teknicks Founder & CEO Nick Chasinov.

4. 18 Ways to Increase Content Engagement on Your Blog

This long-form post from WP Curve Content Manager Vinay Koshy is a treasure trove of engagement ideas. Vinay offers advice on everything from UX to influencer marketing to topic selection.

5. LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts to Build Your Brand

Take a refresher course on what type of sharing works best on LinkedIn with this brief but informative video from Cave Social’s Justin Kerby and Jordan Scheltgen.

6. The State of Searcher Behavior Revealed through 23 Remarkable Statistics

Grab a snack and settle in for this massive data drop from Moz and Jumpshot. This report offers an unprecedented look into search behavior, including AdWords effectiveness, image search, and more. Wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin presents the findings.

7. How to Create a LinkedIn Post that 78% of Your Network Will Engage With

Crazy Egg and Hello Bar Co-Founder Neil Patel presents this thorough guide to building influence on LinkedIn, from making connections to creating a following to publishing posts that get noticed on the platform.

8. The Perception of Influence vs. Actual Influence

How can you tell if an influencer is right for your audience? Influence & Co.’s John Hall shows how to find the truly influential, not just those with a large following.

9. How to Create Content for Short Attention Spans

According to MMG CEO Corinne Meier, the best way to beat a short attention span is serving your content to readers more quickly, especially on mobile. Meier outlines a three-point strategy for quicker content in this article published on LinkedIn.

10. LinkedIn Publishing Trends Every Marketer Must Know

Content Marketing Institute and Buzzsumo joined forces for this report, which analyzes over 200,000 articles shared on LinkedIn versus over 100,000 from other sites. The research identifies which topics perform best on LinkedIn, characteristics of the most successful posts, and more.

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