What’s Trending: Thinking and Acting Globally

July 14, 2017

World Map

Now is the time for marketers to think big. As the World Wide Web continues to live up to its name, connecting people across the planet and reducing the inherent disadvantages of distance, new possibilities are always emerging.

Many businesses do not have models conducive to crossing continents. Others have untapped potential when it comes to global opportunity. Are you expanding your strategy beyond regional constraints? Are you exploring features and functionalities that could bring your brand to brave new frontiers?

Our look at trends in marketing this week explores the wide world of marketing on various fronts. Read on to learn about the global distribution of LinkedIn users, the secrets to unlocking hidden audiences with web personalization, the power of a finely tuned CTA, and more.

What Global Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Get Around the World with LinkedIn Right Now

LinkedIn’s community of more than 500 million members reaches every corner of the globe. If you’ve ever wondered how the user base allocates geographically, this country-by-country breakdown from James Potter at Business 2 Community may be of interest. Did you know can create LinkedIn profiles in multiple languages?

2. 2017’s Social Media Landscape in One Stunning Infographic

As the internet continues to make our planet feel smaller, the meshwork of social media tools we use to engage one another grows increasingly complex. Recently, Brian Solis teamed with creative agency Jess3 to construct the Conversation Prism 5.0, an updated visualization of the many platforms we use to converse and how we use them.

3. 5 Questions Brands Need to Answer to be Customer First in the Digital Age

It’s a new era. Companies everywhere are searching for ways to adapt in the modern marketplace. As business transitions more into faceless digital interactions, the advantages of providing a gratifying customer experience are only growing. We should all be asking ourselves these five questions, courtesy of McKinsey & Company.

4. Legend of the Hidden Audiences

How can website personalization reveal unseen customers and prospects? Using CA Technologies as a practical example, Mike Brown and Jose Barboza Parraga take us on a journey to unearth hidden treasure in this SlideShare webinar from Marketo.

5. 3 B2B Case Studies that Prove the Power of CTAs

When it comes to optimizing paid campaigns, identifying the right call-to-action is paramount. These three examples, via Sean Martin of Moz, illustrate the four tenets of creating an effective CTA: clarity, timing, friction, and placement.

6. Introducing the LinkedIn Marketing Awards

Cannes Lions Festival recently wrapped up in France, and featured a bigger focus on B2B campaigns than we’ve seen in the past, but the event still skews heavily toward consumer-facing projects. With this week’s announcement of the LinkedIn Marketing Awards, coming this autumn, we will finally have -- as Tom Pepper puts it at The Drum -- “the awards that B2B marketing deserves.”

7. 5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns (and Get Better Results)

In terms of ROI, email remains one of the most effective marketing activities. Although this SlideShare from John Thies slants more B2C, there are insights about subject lines and bringing email campaigns to life with rich media that any marketer can learn from.

8. How to Create a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Sometimes, advice about data integration tends to be more general than tactical. These ground-level tips from Gen Z consultant George Beall are a refreshing change of pace.

9. B2B Influencer Marketing - How Integrated Is It?

A new report shows that influencer marketing, by and large, is being run with experimental or campaign-driven approaches. At Smart Insights, Dave Chaffey outlines the merits of integrated, “always-on” influencer programs, and the importance of micro-influencers.

10. Blockbuster Marketing: Turn Your Content into a Moneymaking Machine

Learn how to take content from a cost center to a revenue center with this presentation from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team.

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