What’s Trending: Writing the Perfect B2B Blog Post

July 28, 2017


Is there a secret formula to writing great blog posts for B2B audiences? Can marketers follow a universal blueprint to create content that hits home and drives action?

It isn’t quite that simple, of course. Each audience is unique; what moves your target audience may not work for someone in a different vertical. Knowing your audience is the foundation for great B2B content. But you can build on that foundation with the right tools and knowhow.

This week’s roundup of buzzworthy marketing content can help equip you to create more compelling content. You will also find tips on maximizing your organic social media exposure, optimizing Sponsored InMail campaigns, and mobilizing your B2B marketing strategy.

Dive into the posts below, and by the end you will feel inspired to take up your pen and create content of your own.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. A 10-Step Process to Writing Excellent B2B Blog Posts

This thorough walkthrough from Ben Davis at eConsultancy not only covers all the steps in conceptualizing and executing a quality B2B post, but also offers tactical advice on how to nail each one.

2. The 3 Best Performing Blog Post Formats for B2B Marketers

Of course, it is not enough to just sit down and write. You will need to head in with a plan, and a structure for the information you will provide. Data shows us that certain blog post formats outperform others when it comes to converting visitors. Brad Harris covers them here.

3. How to Decide What to Blog About: 6 Data-Driven Tactics for Choosing Blog Topics

Just because we like our own post, doesn't mean our audience wants to read it. Instead of relying on our own personal taste, we need to let our audience's behaviors and preferences drive our new blog ideas -- or else we risk publishing irrelevant content. Clifford Chi shares six data-driven tactics for choosing the topics your audience actually desires in this HubSpot article.

4. New LinkedIn Tool Tells Businesses About Who’s Visiting Their Websites

LinkedIn is giving businesses a new way to see what kinds of audiences they’re attracting with their marketing efforts. Learn more about the new Website Demographics tool in Anthony Ha's peice for tech crunch.

5. Is the New, Most Powerful Ranking Factor "Searcher Task Accomplishment?"

The tides of SEO are changing. If you’re still focusing solely on links and keywords, then it’s time to start wrapping your mind around the concept of searcher task accomplishment, says Rand Fishkin of Moz in his latest Whiteboard Friday session. This is critical info for inbound marketers.

6. 4 Ways to Use Mobile in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that mobile devices are taking over, with usage continuing to intensify across all demographics. Follow these helpful pointers from Wilson Raj of MarketingProfs to ensure you’re taking full advantage of this explosive trend.

7.  7 Ways to Write Better Opening Paragraphs for Your Blog Posts

In this post, Barry Feldman shares techniques the pros use to capture the attention of the reader and get them excited enough to keep reading in this article for Social Media Today.

8. The Relationship Of Linkedin And Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Did you know that LinkedIn can boost your SEO, serve as a free advertising platform, and help you zero in on relevant influencers? At The Next Scoop, Zachary Jarvis touches on several ways in which LinkedIn can power up your digital strategy.

9. Journalism is Dying and Content Marketing is Taking Its Place (I Know Because I Do Both)

The world of media is transforming dramatically, with “fake news” occupying our national consciousness and corporate angles encroaching more and more on the territory of traditional journalism. We as marketers need to be cognizant of this evolving landscape, and what it means for the future of our industry. This comparative analysis of the states of journalism and content marketing from Tamara Pearson, who has skin in in both games, is fascinating.

10. How to Engage with Technical Influencers

Niche micro-influencers are extremely beneficial for B2B marketing efforts, but sometimes they can be hard to identify. In these slides, Stephen Foskett digs into his area of specialty: enterprise IT. Many of his insights can be applied to influencer marketing at large. Plus, who doesn’t want to learn more about the difference between “quality nerds” and “toxic nerds”?

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