What’s Trending: Why Employee Engagement is Essential for Marketing

September 15, 2017

Employee Engagement

“Engagement” is one of the most oft-used buzzwords in marketing today, and with good reason. It represents some of the primary objectives for marketers in a crowded digital space: capturing attention, triggering actions, influencing mindsets.

But in many cases, there is a lopsided focus on engaging online audiences at the expense of an organization’s own employees.

Engaged employees can evangelize and generate goodwill for brands and agencies with a level of genuineness that few campaigns can match. And when team members are happily immersed in their jobs, it boosts workplace morale and productivity -- not to mention attracting quality talent.

As you’ll see in the leading article from this week’s round-up, too many businesses are coming up short in this regard. We’ll point you toward some helpful tips for pushing things in the right direction with employee engagement, as well as measuring influencer marketing campaigns, drawing distinctions between mobile and desktop SEO tactics, adding empathy to your B2B content, and more.

Let’s get to work!

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. The Holy Grail of Engagement Starts with Your Employees

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, 70 percent of U.S. employees are not engaged at work. That’s a major issue, writes Karen Steele. She suggests four steps that can help move the needle in a hurry.

2. How to Measure Influencer Marketing Campaigns: 5 Analytical Approaches

We talk often about influencer marketing and how it’s gaining traction as a B2B strategy, but -- like many elements of marketing -- it can be tricky to track and measure. This write-up from Marcela De Vivo offers several specific ways you can quantify these efforts.

3. Mobile & Desktop SEO: Different Results, Different Content Strategies

Given that the majority of online searches now come from mobile devices, it’s imperative that SEO strategies are optimized for smartphones and tablets. But Jim Yu says this entails more than just responsive websites and technical considerations. Our content must be created with mobile intent at top of mind.

4. How to Identify Your Highest Impact Growth Opportunities

What is a North Star Metric and why is it a crucial concept in today’s growth models? This SlideShare from Kissmetrics underlines some key actions for overcoming bottlenecks and embracing the “new funnel.”

5. Quick and Dirty Guide for Creating Actionable Content Marketing Personas

Content Marketing Institute revived a hugely popular Jodi Harris post from 2015 on their blog this week, because its relevance very much endures. Read this post for key insights on developing accurate personas and making them central to your content strategy.

6. 5 Important LinkedIn Updates for Marketing Professionals

Are you familiar with the new features recently rolled out on LinkedIn and how they can assist your marketing engine? Marketo’s Tristan Esposo serves up some practical uses for functionalities you might be overlooking.

7. Let’s Get Visual

Compelling imagery is critical for garnering clicks and engagement with your content. But the same old bland stock photos aren’t going to catch many eyes. Click on the image below and scroll through our infographic to learn why visual is the new headline, and how you can make yours pop.

8. Marketing with Emotion and Empathy in the B2B World

These two attributes can prove elusive for B2B marketers. Randy Frisch of Uberflip argues that we are remiss to not account for emotional drivers in the rationally guided business arena, and he presents pointers for engaging decision-makers at a deeper level.

9. Why B2B Marketers Neglect Important Data Quality Issues

Poor lead quality is a pervasive issue for B2B organizations. David Crane calls out one key step marketers can take to alleviate it: bolstering database integrity.

10. How to Create Engaging Videos That Actually Convert

If you missed out on Content Marketing World last week, catch up on Daniel Glickman’s informative presentation on quickly creating professional videos that drive action.

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