What’s Trending: Do More with Less (Or Even Nothing at All)

November 2, 2018

Marketers are feeling increasing pressure to deliver spectacular results. But they frequently aren’t working with a spectacular budget. The way to get ahead? Go lean. Use your resources wisely; squeeze every bit of value out of every piece of content. Do more with less and something with nothing.

That may sound like a tall order. But we’re marketers! Optimization is in our blood. We’re already constantly looking to get better results with less investment of time and money. We can step up to the challenge, get creative, and go farther.

This week’s roundup will help you stretch your content, focus your social media activity, and even boost your personal productivity.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week

1. Are You Still Content Marketing Like It’s 2018?

From voice search to privacy problems, marketing has changed a lot this year. Get up-to-date before the end of Q4 with these tips from Katelyn Berkshire, Digital Marketing Brand Manager at FreedomDev.

2. In the Relationship Era, No One Should Be Marketing to Strangers

Copper’s Grace Lau shares how marketers can better get to know their audiences for enhanced personalization in this quick read from Marketo.

3.  How to Come Up with the Big Idea for Your Content Marketing Strategy

What makes a brand soar far above the competition? A big idea that ignites people’s imagination. Convince & Convert’s Jay Baer dissects the essential components of a truly big idea.

4. The Content Marketing Bridge: Linking Brand Goals to Prospect Needs

We know the danger of brand-centric content. But content can be too prospect-centric, too. Perficient Digital Content Strategy Director Mark Traphagen explains how to strike the right balance for content that inspires action.

5. How to Personalize without Crossing the “Creepy Line”

Speaking of balance, Third Door Media’s Robin Kurzer explains how to make your content personal and relevant without seeming intrusive, overly familiar, or otherwise off-putting.

6. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Content Marketers

What makes great marketers tick? Can changing your sleep habits really improve your skills? Find out in this multimedia deep dive extravaganza from Orbitmedia’s Andy Crestodina.

7. Boosting Search Performance without Creating Fresh Content

Squeeze some more SEO juice out of your content with these tips from Mark Tober, Founder & CTO of Searchmetrics, Inc. For example, did you know that deleting content can sometimes boost your rankings?

8. How to Succeed in Social Media without Posting Any Content

Continuing the minimalist content strategy theme, Tintero Creative’s Valerie Morris explains how to make meaningful prospect connections on social media, without relying on brand content.

9. 3 Questions You Must Ask to Build a Strong Content Strategy

If you’re having trouble getting started with your content marketing strategy, this article from Content Direction Agency Director Lacy Boggs will jumpstart the process.

10. From Strategy to ROI: B2B Marketing Fundamentals

Ready to think different about your marketing? B2B Marketing Consultant Heidi Taylor mines the B2C world for inspiration in this presentation from PMForum 2018.

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