What’s Trending: A New Era of B2B Marketing

June 22, 2018

Sunrise Representing a New Day

For B2B marketers, the game has changed.

The core model remains the same: set goals, and use the right set of tactics, tools, and channels to achieve them. But the makeup of these methods is shifting, as are the ways in which we’re measured. This graphic from Marketing Land visualizes the new era of B2B marketing accountability:

Driving traffic, on its own, isn’t enough. Other vanity metrics are also losing ground, as business leaders increasingly focus on clear revenue links. This means we need to ensure our strategies guide us toward a deeper impact that is substantial and provable.

Succeeding in B2B marketing, today and tomorrow, will require us to thoroughly understand our audiences: what they care about, who they listen to, where they spend their time. The good news is that as you clarify these matters, your marketing becomes more effective – by any meaningful measurement – and your department will become a greater asset to the organization. Actionable customer data improves every element of a business, from sales to customer success to product development and beyond.

The past week saw a bevy of excellent and enlightening B2B marketing content hit the web. Here are some of the most eye-opening pieces we came across.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. B2B Mobile Buyer Behaviour Research

There is a common perception that mobile marketing is relatively less important for the B2B sector than B2C. Data analyzed here by Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights suggests otherwise, showing evidence that a strong mobile experience can lead to accelerated purchase velocity and superior customer loyalty.

2. Are You Modernizing Your B2B Go-To-Market Strategies?

Framed against the current B2B landscape, Forrester’s vice president and principal analyst Laura Ramos shares her thoughts on account-based marketing and how it aligns with changing buyer behaviors.

3. How Researching B2B Influencers Can Deliver Actionable Intelligence

Examining the behaviors, media consumption, and conversational trends of influencers in your niche, writes Michael Brito, “will help you forecast and predict what’s top of mind for them today, tomorrow and in the future.” He backs up this assertion and its relevance with interesting data and examples.

4. A New Era Of Creativity For B2B Brands?

At Branding Strategy Insider, Chris Wren offers an overview of the evolving B2B marketing environment and how we can break free from the inhibitions of outdated thinking. Specifically, he looks at ways to incorporate creative B2C approaches in the space.

5. Video: How to Create Content Your Audience Actually Cares About

Does your content focus on what matters to your brand, or to your audience? This short video featuring Joe Lazauskas of Contently offers tips for honing your concentration on the latter and building stronger relationships as a result.

6. If You Aren’t Using Website Videos, You’re Missing These 3 Benefits

Speaking of video, Dan Steiner touts the primary advantages of including it on your company website: more visibility, more conversions, more purchases. Whether on your site or on LinkedIn, video is a no-brainer.

7. 6 Easy Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Simple enhancements to your Company Page can be among the lowest-hanging fruits in a B2B digital marketing strategy. Over at the HootSuite blog, Fergus Baird calls out a half-dozen tips, coloring them with examples and stats.

8. Why Content Marketing Is a Fool-Proof SEO Strategy Today

It’s hard to know which SEO tactics will still be effective a year from now, but much like William Holeksa, we feel confident in saying quality content that’s highly useful to your audience will never lose its impact. The two case studies presented here reinforce that viewpoint.

9. 5 Things to Check if Your Traffic Suddenly Drops

We mentioned back in the intro that web traffic is no longer being viewed as a significant indicator of B2B marketing success. However, it’s obviously still important, because getting people to your site or landing pages is a precursor to those next steps. Here the team from SEO PowerSuite lists five diagnostic tips when you notice a sharp decline in visitors.

10. The Content Marketing Funnel Never Ends: How to Keep Your Converted Audience

The responsibility of today’s marketers is moving closer to the bottom of the funnel. Measurement priorities make that clear. But we should also be thinking about moving beyond the funnel, as Laura McMenemy explains. Retaining existing customers, and growing your business with them, is a huge revenue opportunity, which is why customer marketing is a growing imperative.

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