What’s Trending: Breathe New Life Into B2B Marketing

March 23, 2018

Purple Spring Flowers

It is said that spring breathes new life into the world around us.

With another long winter officially reaching its end (the Spring Equinox fell on Tuesday), this feels like a period of infinite possibility, as fresh ideas blossom and revitalized creative minds flourish.

In the spirit of the season, now might be a fitting time to reexamine our approaches to B2B marketing, which itself could largely use a spritely injection of color and liveliness.

Rejuvenating your strategy won’t necessarily be reliant on adopting more high-tech tools or cutting-edge tactics, but rather a renewed focus on the fundamentals.

Reports show that spending on marketing technology is down, and one could argue this is actually good news for B2B marketers, who have an opportunity to take stock without fear of being passed by.

“There’s been a landgrab mentality around martech,” Gartner researcher Christopher Ross told Forbes. “But what we’re finding is companies are still underutilizing the technology they already have at an epidemic level. They’re starting to say, ‘before rushing out to buy new technologies, no matter how promising or enticing they may be, we need to hit the pause button to make sure we fully realize the value of what we currently have.’”

So before we spring forward into new frontiers, let’s fall back and cover some of today’s most poignant insights around what it takes to engage and connect with B2B customers in meaningful ways.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 27 Tips For B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media is undoubtedly a critical avenue for reaching prospects and generating B2B leads, but how best to utilize it? Ronda Bowen collected pointers from pros in various industries, and rounds them all up at Creative Mindscape.

2. B2B Content Marketing Trends to Shape Your Strategy in 2018 and Beyond [Infographic]

This visual and accompanying analysis, via Digital Information World, provide a great overview of what’s working for B2B content creation and distribution in our current environment.

3. Five Quick Content Opportunities for Time-Poor B2B Marketers

While this is an exciting time of year, it’s also a busy one. At Econsultancy, Matthew Davis offers suggestions for effective and efficient ways to create value. As we’ve frequently preached of late, and Davis affirms, B2B video is less intimidating than you might suspect.

4. Best of Show: Insights from SMX West 2018

The Search Engine Marketing Expo West took place last week in San Jose. Search Engine Land was kind enough to wrangle up a wealth of key takeaways in the SlideShare below:

5. 9 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips (That Actually Work)

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn leads the way, driving more than 80% of leads. To help ensure you’re setting yourself up for maximum success on the platform, follow these recommendations from Neil Patel. (We here at the blog are particularly partial to No. 8 — thanks Neil!)

6. Here’s How & Why You Should Create Personalized Content

One element of B2C marketing that is quickly becoming a primary focus in B2B is personalization. Angel Niñofranco makes the case that everyone should be embracing this movement, and explains how to make it happen.

7. Scaled Influence: Winning the War of Brand Relevance with Influencer Marketing

Influencing the decision-making process through trusted third parties is a winning formula with today’s discerning B2B buyer. In these slides, Michael Brito and Kriselle Laran walk us through the principles of defining a market, measuring success, and activating real-time content:

8. How to Use a Content Scorecard to Publish Better Blog Posts

With the baseball season getting underway next week, fans are ready to pull out their scorecards and track all the action from the stands. Meanwhile, CoSchedule CEO Garrett Moon outlines a method for using a content scorecard to develop a winning blog strategy.

9. Zero-Result SERPs: Welcome to the Future We Should've Known Was Coming

Google recently ran a short-lived experiment wherein certain search queries would deliver a definitive answer while removing organic results. At Moz, Peter Meyers takes a look at the potential long-term implications for marketers.

10. Rethink Your Definition of Productivity to Squash Uninspired Filler

If you’re tired of those same old tired “productivity boosting” tips, you may enjoy this fresh perspective from Kelton Reid, who argues that “volume does not equal vitality” and urges the occasion break from a digital daze.

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