What’s Trending: Content For Every Step of the Customer Journey

June 29, 2018

Winding road

The right place at the right time.

This confluence of circumstances can turn goals into reality, whether it’s a soccer player in the World Cup receiving a perfect pass in front of an open net, or a customer encountering your solution at that precise moment of need.

Sure, there is often some degree of luck involved with these charmed instances, but such opportunities are almost always borne out of skill and vision.

The savvy soccer forward dribbles down the field and sees his teammate sprinting toward the corner of the goal box as the netminder drifts to the opposite side, then threads the ball through defenders to set up a brilliant scoring play.

The strategic B2B marketer understands her audience’s research habits, and develops finely tuned content that aligns directly with a prospect’s mindset on that particular channel, and at that particular stage in the funnel.

This is how we create our own luck.

To help your marketing efforts land in that coveted “right place at the right time” sweet spot, let’s take a spin through the past week’s most popular content for marketers, with an eye on funnel-based content, goal-based domain selection, and making things personal.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Write Content for Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

What are buyers looking for at various points in their purchase journey, and how can you make sure your content is fulfilling those needs? Kristopher Jones breaks it down while also laying out KPIs worth tracking for each funnel stage.

2. B2B Buyer Journey and Content Preferences 2018

The data covered here by Somya Mehta can help companies smartly shape their B2B content strategies. For example: “Majority of the respondents (88%) said that content producers need to focus less on content around product specifics and more on the value that can be brought to the business. Around 75% of the respondents agreed that content producers should use more research and statistical data to support the claims made in their content.”

3. The Goal-Based Approach to Domain Selection

When making URL and domain structure decisions for your website, it’s important to keep your unique goals top of mind. In the latest Whiteboard Friday session at Moz, Kameron Jenkins walks us through a defined process.

4. 5 Critical Tips for Making Your Content Marketing Strategy More Video Centric

One way to get in tune with your audience is ramping up your video content. Statistics make it very clear this medium resonates with the B2B crowd. Here, Manish Dudharejia offers five straightforward ways to integrate the tactic with your existing strategy.

5. What’s the Key to Employee Social Advocacy? Employee Content Contributors

As Matt Solar notes, diverse contributions from your team are vital to a vibrant and successful employee advocacy program. With regards to item No. 4 — “Simplify the Contribution Process” — we’d recommend taking LinkedIn Elevate for a spin.

6. Why the Future of Share-worthy Content is Personal

“It might seem counterintuitive but the key to wide reach and shares for your content is segmenting it to a granular level,” writes Pratik Dholakiya. While meeting your prospects at the right place and right time is crucial, it’s equally important to have the right message.

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7. What Are the Most Effective B2B Social Media Channels?

No. 1 on the list probably won’t surprise you, but there’s good info here via Joseph Myers on finding the right mix and orienting social media content toward your audience instead of your business.

8. 5 Basic B2B Marketing Tactics That Deliver Big Results

Nothing wrong with taking things back to the basics. David Crane cuts past the trendy demand-gen “hacks,” outlining five fundamental techniques and how to get them right.

9. B2B Marketers Looking To Better Track Activity Across Buyer Stages, Channels & Campaigns

As the research here bears out, B2B marketers are heavily focused on improving their measurement and tracking throughout the sales funnel. As Brian Anderson points out, many successful organizations are taking a more buyer-centric view.

10. Mobile is Taking Over the Customer Journey

Mobile success requires more than mobile capabilities, writes Brian Solis (whose new book is now available, and recommended!). It’s about comprehensively optimizing your marketing for a mobile user experience.

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