What’s Trending: Content Marketing After the Bubble

November 9, 2018

Woman Popping Bubbles

For years, marketers have steadily increased the amount of content they create. “More content” was the cure-all, the way to get search engine rankings, capture audience attention, lead people to a purchase. So the content marketing bubble expanded… and expanded…

And we all know what happens next. The bubble has burst. More content isn’t the right answer anymore (if it ever was). Even higher quality content isn’t exactly the right answer. Rather, it is strategically created and deployed content. It must be written for an extremely specific audience and targeted with organic and paid amplification.

We have the tools and the creative capacity to evolve content marketing. All we need is the right attitude and a few new tactics. This week’s roundup features solid advice for content after the bubble: How to improve quality, improve reach, and ultimately earn an audience’s attention.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week

1. The Future of Content Marketing: It’s Not What You Think

How can you create content that actually reaches and moves your audience? If anyone has the answer, it’s Neil Patel. He identifies what works and what doesn’t, with observations based on his top-performing posts.

2. 5 Simple Steps to Creating Exceptional How-To Content

Fuze SEO’s Jon Clark shares his tips for making how-to content more valuable, more search-optimized, and ultimately more useful for your brand and your audience.

3. Why You Need to Produce Original Research (B2B Marketing Forum)

In this episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast, Mantis Research Co-Founder Clare McDermott illustrates the value of original research for B2B content marketing.

4. Content Marketing Shortcuts that Cost You in the Long Run

Don’t fall for shady tactics that promise a quick route to better results, says TopRank Marketing’s Joshua Nite.  Joshua highlights five common shortcuts that are anything but, and points out the fundamentals marketers should focus on instead.

5. Two Content Marketing Battlegrounds to Overcome

Content marketing legend Robert Rose discusses the challenges of building audience trust and earning attention in this short video interview:

6. How to Use Social Listening to Improve Your Marketing

What people are saying about your brand (and your competitors) on social media is vital to your marketing efforts. Social Media Specialist Lilach Bullock explains how to get started with social listening, from tactics to tools.

7. The Future of B2B Marketing Is On-Demand

Marketers have made progress in personalization, says PathFactory’s Elle Woulfe, but we’re still not meeting people where they are. Elle details how marketers can earn attention by delivering content on the consumer’s time schedule.

8. Lead Tracking: 5 Best Practices for Marketing Operations

Tracking leads is an often-overlooked but key component of proving marketing ROI. Meredith Hewinson from Marketo lays out best practices for standardizing your lead tracking.

9. 4 Steps to Speed Up Your Website and Look Better to Google

Why should marketers care about website performance? It’s simple: Faster load speed equals better search visibility. SEO PowerSuite Founder & CMO Aleh Barysevich offers easy ways to get on Google’s good side.

10. The Death of Content Marketing

When brands make content and media outlets make ads, where do we draw the line between content and marketing? Church+State Founder & CEO Ron Tite explains how content and marketing must evolve to meet the changing consumer landscape.

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