What’s Trending: How to Make Your Content Sticky

August 24, 2018

Shoe Sticking to Ground with Bubblegum

Would you describe your content marketing as rubber or glue?

In the first case, visitors quickly bounce before the content can make an impact. In the second, they stick around thanks to an immediate catch or irresistible hook.

It goes without saying that marketers should be aiming for the latter outcome, but that’s no easy task in a world of heightening competition for attention.

You needn’t resort to guesswork in determining whether your content is achieving that glue status; a quick glance at performance metrics will tell the tale. Measures like bounce rate, time on page, and conversions are your barometers. If these numbers aren’t up to par, you might consider exploring new ways to quickly engage visitors and compel them to keep reading or viewing.

Luckily, this week’s roundup of trending articles for marketers might help inspire some ideas for stickier content. Among the top tips you’ll find: be personable, inject humor (when appropriate), and focus on the customer experience.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Get Your Readers to Stay Longer With These 4 Formats

Digging into the data, Julia McCoy outlines four content formats that can increase your stickiness factor. She also calls out the key benefits of “longer dwell time”: improved rankings, more conversions, and more shares.

2. When to Use Humor in Content Marketing

“Seriously, humor works very well in B2B spaces,” said Dr. James Barry, a humorist and professor, in his recent interview with Contently’s Emily Gaudette. “As long as the creator knows exactly what type of humor strategy they’re using. Why wouldn’t CEOs want to be entertained? They’re just like anyone else.”

3. 7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Content

How can you grab your audience’s attention with the first few words? At HubSpot, Eddie Shleyner offers tips on composing headline and intro copy that’s too good to ignore.

4. Why Being Personable Is the Key to Social Media Success

When it comes to developing a magnetic brand presence on social media, Pratik Dholakiya argues that it’s essential to strike a personal chord through authenticity and direct rapport.

5. A Matter of Time: Can the Six Second Ad Connect with Consumers?

At The Drum, Sonoo Singh put together an interesting look at the state of online video advertising, with a bunch of great quotes from pros in the industry. On a related note, our own research has found that LinkedIn videos under 30 seconds report a 200% lift in view completion rates, but longer videos can be effective for demand generation.

6.  Why Demand Generation Marketing Is like College Football

Speaking of demand generation, the topic is covered here by Lynnie Lucas in a way that only makes sense as football season bears down on us.

7. Content Marketing World 2018: What We’re Most Excited About

It’s hard to believe CMWorld is already almost here! On the TopRank Blog, Anne Leuman lists several can’t-miss sessions and speakers, including our very own Megan Golden.

8. 15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing a New Landing Page

Landing pages are critical pieces of content, capable of moving the needle for your business when done right. Jacob Baadsgaard presents a checklist to consult before pushing your next landing page live.

9. How Visual and Voice Search Are Revitalizing The Role of SEO

The advent of new searching technologies and behaviors should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a challenge, writes Jim Yu.

10. The Evolving Scope of B2B Marketing: It’s All About Customer Experience

According to one study, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020. Paul Heald takes a look at what this shift means for marketers.

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