What’s Trending: Ignite Your B2B Campaigns Through Social, Search, and Video

July 12, 2018

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“What we were doing a few years ago doesn’t work anymore.”

These were the words of LinkedIn’s Jason Miller during his presentation at the B2B Marketing Ignite 2018 event this past week in London. He was expressing a sentiment that rings throughout the industry. The whole notion of “tried-and-true” doesn’t really hold water these days.

It is, indeed, a new era for B2B marketing. So, how can we reignite our campaigns and keep strategies from growing stale? As Jason suggested, aiming for increased personalization and relevance may hold the key. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel as long as you can steer it with precision.

You can propel yourself along the path to resonance with strong focuses on compelling video content, social media mastery, and alignment with searcher intent. While these aren’t exactly new concepts, the inner workings of each are evolving. Luckily, there are plenty of marketing smarties out there willing to share their expertise and enlightenment.

Let’s run through the past week’s top trending content to find inspiration from industry reports, Mozcon, viral videos, and… Kanye West?

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Where B2B Companies Stand With Marketing Measurement

A troubling trendline: Fewer companies now rate their ability to measure and analyze marketing impact as “excellent” than a year ago, and more deem it “poor/inadequate.” David Dodd dives into the data, shining light on some striking disconnects (why are so many still relying on single-touch attribution models despite recognizing their lack of effectiveness?).

2. Insights on Social Media Marketing: Scoop the Best for B2B Marketing

“A consistent rhythm of working through engagement campaigns is what makes the B2B social media marketing sphere ever dynamic and progressive.” The folks at MarTech Series walk us through a to-do list for fostering stronger connections with our audiences on social.

3. 10 Social Media Statistics for B2B Marketers 2018

As you refine your B2B social media strategy, this collection of insights from Social Media Examiner’s recently released industry report, with added analysis from Elizabeth Hines, might help guide you. Noteworthy: Less than half of respondents agreed they can measure social media ROI, and nearly two out of three are using video.

4. The Right Data Management Strategy Allows for Better B2B Campaign Execution

Which types of marketing data are most valuable for B2B organizations to capture? eMarketer explored this question in some of its latest research, and covers a few of the findings here.

5. Search-Driven Content Strategy

MozCon 2018 took over Seattle in the early part of the week. By clicking through the slides below, you can catch up on an awesome presentation from Stephanie Briggs, who offered a ton of great information around content fueled by search intent, and how it should follow a Do/Know/Go framework.

6. 7 Ingredients of Great B2B Marketing Teams

Sharing input from a variety of marketing leaders, Jay Baer outlines seven critical considerations when assembling a B2B marketing team built to excel. These are on point.

7. “Viral Videos are Dead”— Says Creator of the Decade’s Most Viral Ad

Outstanding piece here from James Mulvey of HootSuite on why “going viral” is no longer a palatable objective for video marketers. The goal going forward? Scalable social videos.

8. Why Kanye West is One of the Best B2B Video Marketers Ever

The self-proclaimed genius probably doesn’t need any more outside praise heaped upon him, but this is a fun write-up from Anton Eliasson on Kanye — how he has used video to his promotional advantage, and what B2B marketers can learn.

9. Does Corporate Video Have to Be Dull? How to Inspire with B2B Video Marketing

Sticking with the subject of B2B video, you’ll find some helpful pointers here from Joe Forteon creating impactful content in the category.

10. Don’t Forget the Leadership in Thought Leadership

Without question, thought leadership is vitally important for B2B companies. But “what’s lacking today is not the thought,” writes Mat Zucker, “it’s the leadership.” He serves up five tips on taking the lead and owning your niche with authority.

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