What’s Trending: No Blarney Personal Branding

March 16, 2018

Kayakers Paddle Down a Green River on St. Patrick’s Day

That 24-hour period when “going green” changes its meaning is upon us. Whether you participate in St. Patrick’s Day or prefer to celebrate from the sidelines, there’s no denying the strong sense of identity tied to the holiday.

As a brand, St. Patrick’s Day is strong. People know what it is, what it isn’t, what it’s about, and what to expect from it. Popular as it is, though, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t for everyone. Neither are any of us. Yet, when it comes to our personal brands, we’re naturally inclined to impress everyone who peruses our online profiles. To borrow a term from the Irish, we include a bunch of “blarney” that prevents people from truly understanding who we are, who we’re not, and what we’re all about.

So cue the fiddle and forge ahead for a “get real” guide to boosting your personal brand. You’ll also learn about valuable featured snippet opportunities in SERPs, along with five macro trends with a first mover advantage.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Personal Branding: How to Create and Market Yourself

A strong personal brand starts with self-awareness. In this episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast, Michael Brenner and Chris Ducker help you nail down your niche.

2. How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Ultimate Visibility

And because you’ll want your new-and-improved brand to be seen, be sure to implement these LinkedIn profile visibility tips from Nathanial Bibby.

3. Tech Marketers Think Outside the Buyer’s Journey [New Research]

How have tech marketers progressed over the past 12 months? Lisa Murton Beets has the answers in her survey data breakdown.

4. AI, Content & Search: 5 Macro Market Trends for Micro Marketing

The technology with which to attack these trends is available now, says Search Engine Journal contributor Andy Betts, adding, “those who move first will see the biggest rewards.”

5. 110 Marketers Share Their Top Pieces of Advice for New Content Creators

Such a great list, but even better is the backstory Julia McCoy tells about her experience with going viral on LinkedIn.

6. Why B2B Marketers Should Be Using Video

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that B2B marketers can no longer ignore video. In this post from MarketingProfs, Meryl Draper lends more credible evidence to the case.

7. 7 Fixes for Common Writing Mistake [Examples]

Ahava Leibtag expertly uses examples to bring clarity to the common writing blunders that befuddle content marketers.

8. How to Discover Featured Snippet Opportunities

SEO expert and mini-pig advocate Britney Muller makes the familiar Moz whiteboard her own, helping us identify and capitalize on valuable featured snippet opportunities in SERPs.

9. 7 Marketing and Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Discovered

“Content without promotion is like link building without links or creating a landing page without a call to action,” says Search Engine Land contributor Kristopher Jones. Check out his “tried and true” content promotion strategies.

10. The Journey from Chaos to True Agility

There’s no denying the agile movement. In this SlideShare, Andrea Fryrear examines the popular workflow methodology from a B2B marketing lens.

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