What’s Trending: The Search for Sophistication with Social ROI

August 10, 2018

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In her report from this week’s Digiday Content Marketing Summit in Colorado, Shareen Pathak rounded up quotes from marketing leaders in attendance regarding the challenges and pitfalls being faced in today’s social media marketing world.

One quote expresses a sentiment that might sound familiar:

“Overall, social has gotten more difficult when it comes to expectations and seeing that ROI.”

There’s no doubt this has become a prominent pain point, with 44% of CMOs saying they’re unable to measure the impact of social media on their business. At the heart of this shortcoming is a widespread disconnect between what social marketers are measuring, and what they should be measuring.

“As social media moves down the marketing funnel,” writes Christine Warner at Content Standard, “marketers need to figure out how to accurately and effectively report its results.”

This requires a lessened focus on basic reach and awareness, and a greater emphasis on conversions and sales-related metrics. At LinkedIn, we’re increasingly encouraging marketers to measure what matters, and that means shifting vanity metrics to the backseat. Prioritizing the bottom line will make it much easier to prove the value and impact of your efforts.

In the interest of bringing more sophistication to social media marketing ROI, let’s take a look at what’s catching the attention of our peers around the web this week. We’re confident these articles will offer plenty of return on your time investment.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. How to Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Define your intent, give yourself a timeline, develop a strategy based on your goal, and continually track metrics: Ashley Ward outlines a system for surfacing meaningful social media ROI insights.

2. 3 Attribution Considerations for B2B Lead Generation

“The journey to full attribution insights is complex but well worth it,” says Manny Rivas. He offers three methods to help understand where the real value lies in complicated conversion paths.

3. 3 Retargeting Strategies to Boost Conversions

One proven tactic for increasing conversions is retargeting, which Bryson Runser covers here. In addition to incorporating his tips, we recommend giving LinkedIn Website Retargeting a try to bolster your results.

4. What You Need to Know About B2B Video in 2018

Clearly, B2B video deserves your attention. At Convince and Convert, Kayla Matthews shares six key findings from Vidyard’s 2018 Video In Business Benchmark Report.

5. How to Improve the Page Speed of Your Blog

As mobile users come to account for a growing share of web visits, page load times become all the more critical. I was surprised to learn that the average mobile website today takes a whopping 15.3 seconds to load. With this in mind, many of us can surely benefit from this guidance via Aleh Barysevich.

6. Break Down the Wall Between B2B Sales and Marketing

When sales and marketing join forces, they become an unbeatable team. Here, Chief Marketer’s Beth Negus Viveiros shares advice from Jim McKinley on enhancing collaboration. I particularly like this suggested practice:

McKinley notes that he often recommends that his marketing team do “ridealongs” with the sales reps. This allows the marketing team to hear the actual language and objections expressed by the customer during the buying process, and see how the sales team overcomes them.

7. How to Build a Resilient Evergreen Content Marketing Forest

Make sure you’re not missing the forest for the trees by adhering to these pointers from Josh Nite on extending the lifespan and versatility of your content.

8. Ten Ways to Transform Your Employees into Social Ambassadors

The power of employee advocacy for extended reach and authentic brand-building cannot be overstated. Nivedya Varma lists 10 ways to activate your team.

9. How to Write a Customer Success Story

Customer success stories are among the most compelling and persuasive forms of marketing content, for obvious reasons. Learn about the various elements that should be included, and how to nail each, from Barry Feldman.

10. How Smart Brands are Making Themselves Useful to Combat Content Overload

We all know it’s getting harder to break through in the era of extreme content saturation. Simon Swan calls out examples of brands that are gaining distinction as go-to knowledge centers.

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