What’s Trending: No Endgame in Sight for Video Marketing

May 6, 2019

Video Marketing

Certain words just seem to put people on edge. Of late, “spoiler” has been chief among them.

With the closing installment of the Avengers saga hitting theaters last weekend, and with HBO’s Game of Thrones rolling out its highly anticipated final season, social media users are proceeding with great caution. If you opted to wait out the massive crowds for Endgame, or missed the original airing of the Battle for Winterfell, you might’ve been inclined to avoid your feeds altogether, so as to sidestep any undue risk.

The fact that spoilers have become such hot-button issues with Avengers and Thrones is a testament to the franchises’ enthralling allure. Fans are so attuned to these narratives and these characters that they dread the thought of ruining any surprises that await. Video marketers should strive to produce content that can approach this level of interest and investment.

Granted, we might not have nine-figure budgets or cherished legendary properties to operate with, but we can still apply many principles of Hollywood in our B2B video marketing strategies. Don’t let business constraints spoil your ambition to create must-see content.  

To lend an assist, we’ve assembled our own lineup of trending articles for marketers from the past week, and we’ll lead off with some sharp insights around finding success with video. (Spoiler alert: We’ll also cover optimizing images for SEO, improving conversions, top social media blogs, and more.)

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week (Other Than GoT Fan Theories):

1. 8 Video Marketing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Sales

There are lessons to be drawn from Avengers: Endgame, but we’re probably not wise to try matching its three-hour runtime. Making long videos is one of the pitfalls Melissa Burns suggests avoiding here.

2. A 6-Step Workflow to Create Video for Multiple Platforms

Key to extracting the most value from your video content is optimizing it for several different channels. At Social Media Examiner, Marshal Carper lays out the practical framework for making it happen.

3. 5 Creative Ways B2B Brands Can Use Visual Content Marketing

Need ideas to jumpstart your video strategy? Jawad Khan offers up some good ones here, including screencast tutorials and animated GIFs.

4. Here’s What You Need to Know About Image Optimization for SEO

Images can be an important source of traffic and shouldn’t be overlooked as part of a holistic SEO strategy. Here, Romain Damery outlines the steps you should take to rank in image searches.

5. 5 Quick Ways to Get More Conversions from Your Landing Pages

Ineffective landing pages can sabotage an otherwise well conceived marketing campaign. Marketo’s Paulo Martins lists five easily-implemented tactics to boost conversions.

6. Can’t Get That Click? 5 Simple Strategies for CTAs That Convert [Examples]

Not every call to action is as straightforward as shouting “Avengers, assemble!” At Content Marketing Institute, Roger Maftean explains how to spruce up your CTAs for maximum clickability.

7. BIGLIST of Top Social Media Marketing Blogs for 2019 and Beyond

Fire up those bookmarks! TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden compiled a deep list of authoritative blogs covering social media marketing. We were delighted and humbled by his inclusion of the LinkedIn Marketing Blog. Thanks, Lee!

8. The State of Content Marketing 2019 [Infographic]

The team at Zazzle Media recently completed its annual “State of Content Marketing” research. You can review some of their findings in this slick infographic, as shared by Kirsty Daniel on the HubSpot Blog. One interesting tidbit here is that 15% fewer marketers are using influencers than in 2018, despite the fact that 61% who do utilize this tactic say it produced results, and 100% say they’d use it again.

9. Opinion: The New Realities of Social Media

“Forward-thinking brands that stop playing the viral lottery and adapt their strategy to the new realities of social will be poised to win in the coming years.” I really enjoyed this editorial from Jose Duarte of Critical Mass on rethinking social media across the full funnel.

10. 9 Ways to Win at B2C Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is certainly a prime destination for B2B marketers, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for B2B. MobileMonkey CEO Larry Kim highlights opportunities for B2C brands on the platform.

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