What’s Trending: Content Marketing Grand Finales

July 8, 2019

Grand Finale from a Fireworks Show

What was the highlight of your July 4th holiday last week?

There are many valid answers: friends, family, barbecuing, the patriotic spirit. I love all these things, but I really love the fireworks. Few things match the spectacle of a well-executed display, with dazzling colors intermingling across the night sky.

The best part about a fireworks show, of course, is the grand finale. In the waning moments, it’s customary to unleash a torrent of rapid explosions, placing an exclamation point on the experience: BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM! 

The exhilarating finish reminds us that — while marketers often focus so much on getting campaigns and programs off the ground — the true crux point comes at the end. Are you leaving users with a lasting impression? Does your content build toward a satisfying and fulfilling finale? And from the brand’s perspective, are you properly setting up to drive value at the completion of an experience with a strong call-to-action or next-step?

Custom CTAs are one of the new features we’ve added to LinkedIn Pages so marketers can compel more varied and contextual actions from visiting members. Meanwhile, there was plenty of popular content on the web last week aimed at helping us engage audiences until the end while also deriving maximum value from our efforts. Here’s a rundown.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Social Media Marketing Inspiration: Brands to Watch on LinkedIn

Want to make fireworks with your marketing on LinkedIn? Phoebe Bain highlights five exemplary cases of brands making it happen with smart strategies on the platform.

2. Consumers Indicate Experience, Not Price, Is Top Conversion Factor

A new report reinforces something that’s becoming increasingly clear to modern marketers: Delivering a great experience trumps everything else when it comes to winning business. Jennifer Cannon has the details. 

3. 7 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions

Don’t discount the untapped potential of your existing content. Ann Smarty covers seven methods for rejuvenating a classic in your arsenal. 

4. B2B Marketers Need to Improve Website Engagement: Forrester

The company website is an absolutely critical touchpoint for customers. Is yours doing all it can do? At Chief Marketer, Beth Negus Viveiros touches on new research with three takeaway tips. 

5. B2B Marketing is Not Emotionally Stunted, It Is All About Marketing to People

This article from Olivia Atkins, and the interviews featured in the video below, serve as good reminders of what truly lies at the heart of B2B marketing: creativity and human connections, which are especially important in the age of millennial buyers. 

6. Content Marketing: The 5 Most Important Things You Need to Know

At Search Engine Journal, Steven van Vessum lists five tenets for creating content that yields demonstrable ROI. 

7. 11 Qualities You Should be Looking for to Find Your B2B Influencer Match

How can you find strategic influencers who complement your brand like ketchup and mustard on a hot dog? TopRank Marketing’s Ashley Zeckman provides a checklist for identifying the ideal match.

8. How Much Should We Care About Voice Search? It Depends on Our Target Audience

We all know that voice search is a major frontier in digital marketing, but how much should you be paying attention to it in your strategy? Lily Ray offers some clarity at Search Engine Land. 

9. B2B Email Marketing Techniques to Avoid Poor Sales Practices

Email can still be a highly effective marketing tool, IF used properly. Marie Fincher delivers some guidance to keep us on the right path.

10. 7 Fundamental Social Media Mistakes Your Business Is Probably Making

It’s all too easy to fall into these traps. Follow these tips from Uwe Dreissigacker to steer clear of missteps that can leave your strategy stuck on the ground. 

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