What’s Trending: Keeping the Faith

April 15, 2019

What’s Trending: Keeping the Faith

Are marketers losing faith in the efficacy of content marketing?!

That’s exactly what a headline on The Drum suggested last month, with John Glenday pointing out that, in a study published by Heinz Marketing and commissioned by ON24, “63% ... conceded that their own content marketing strategy was either ineffective or only partially so, a significant deterioration from the 35% who found themselves in this camp back in 2017.”

We’ll note that this survey only “courted responses from close to 150 marketers” — far fewer than, say, the latest B2B benchmarking research via CMI and MarketingProfs, in which 70% of the nearly 2,000 respondents rated their organization’s content marketing as more successful than it was a year ago.

Still, this new data trend  is noteworthy. And the larger sample in the CMI and MarketingProfs report still saw only 27% of respondents describing their content marketing as “Extremely Successful” or “Very Successful.”

This pains us, because at LinkedIn we love content marketing, and we know full well just how powerful it can be when it’s clicking. So, much like The Avengers summoning their best and brightest for the coming final showdown with Thanos (yeah, we’re getting a little excited), we’ve gathered up top insights from around the web to inspire confidence in your content strategy.

This isn’t the endgame. It’s only the beginning. Keep the faith, and let this week’s trending articles help propel you to blockbuster results this summer.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 5 Signs Your Website Design Is Costing You B2B Leads

Content marketing campaigns are often built around guiding users to the company website, and then capturing conversions there. Michael Davis lists five indicators that suggest your site’s design, and not the content, is suppressing results.

2. How to Reach the C-Suite via Thought Leadership

B2B content is at its best when making an impact with the most influential decision makers. At Convince & Convert, Chuck Kent chats with Gareth Lofthouse, cofounder of the thought leadership agency Longitude, about this critical objective.

3. How B2B Video Marketing Is Creatively Engaging Audiences

A stronger commitment to video may be just what your strategy needs to evolve. Rose de Fremery explains why this approach is gaining steam, and illustrates how two major B2B brands have used it to connect with their audiences.

4. The Future of B2B Content: Data-Informed, Interactive, and Influential

“I would challenge more marketers to do more research around customer insights and preferences so that any changes they make are driven by data and informed hypothesis—rather than simply trying new things to see if they will work,” writes TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden.

5. 7 Key Metrics Every Business Should Track

Tracking the right numbers is essential to understanding whether you’re moving in the right direction. At HubSpot, Clifford Chi provides seven different ways to meaningfully measure growth.

6. Marketing is More than KPIs, It’s Service

In order to transcend tactics and make themselves most valuable, Ryan Phelan argues that marketers need to start better serving three key constituencies: their subscribers, their practices, and themselves.

7. 5 Tips For Successful B2B Influencer Marketing

Prioritizing relevance over reach, starting small, and educating your influencers are among the pointers served up on the CMO blog via Sam Meenasian.

8. How to Create a Social Media Report (Includes a Free Template)

Are you documenting and sharing your social media marketing results? Christina Newberry walks us through the various components that should be included in a report, and offers a template to structure your own.

9. How to Get More Leads From a Live Event Using Social Media

Planning on hitting up any conferences or trade shows in the coming months? These tips from Marshal Carper could help you get the most out of the experience.

10. Just 4% of U.S. Businesses ‘Voice Search Ready,’ Finds Analysis of Nearly 75,000 Companies

Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling breaks down a troubling statistic, and lets us know how we can position ourselves for what’s ahead in SEO.

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