What’s Trending: Turning Casual Followers into Raving Fans

January 28, 2019

Fans At A Concert

What separates a casual follower from a raving fan? Whether they turn up when you ask them to. For sports teams and rock bands, that means people who will buy a ticket and be there for the show, not just catch the highlights on YouTube.

For marketers, our raving fans are the ones who engage with content, advocate for the brand, and of course, buy our products and services. If you have to choose between a million casual followers and a thousand superfans, pick the latter every time.

This week’s roundup features advice for deepening your relationship with your audience. That means encouraging and rewarding engagement, offering more valuable content, even making your existing content more accessible.

Read on to see how B2B content marketing can help you create raving fans.

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Four Reasons to Avoid Comedy in B2B Marketing (And How to Use It Anyway)

Velocity Partners’ Craig Beadle details the ways comedy can backfire in B2B marketing. Then he explains why it’s worth the risk, and how you can maximize the potential for success.

2. How to Create a Memorable Experience for Your Customers

Learn how small businesses can compete for customer attention by making memories with their customers, with these tips from Finding an Outlet writer and editor Nathan Sykes.

3. Why You Should Consider Scrapping Unoriginal Content

Shallow content might get you some quick clicks, but it won’t inspire people to stick around and build a relationship. Copyblogger Media Data Analyst Loryn Cole shares how to keep it real with meaningful content.

4. How to Make Your Content More Accessible to the Visually Impaired

Making sure your content is available to everyone is not only ethical, it’s good for business. This article from Microsoft’s Christi Olson offers easy step-by-step instructions for making your content more accessible.

5. The 9-Step B2B Content Marketing Video Process

You don’t need a blockbuster budget to create compelling B2B video. Brandvious’ Ryan Scott shares how to create compelling video, from concepting to promotion, without spending millions:

6. Why Marketers Think LinkedIn Is on the Rise

A recent report showed that shares from LinkedIn are increasing, even as content engagement declines on other social networks. CMSWire tech writer David Roe explores the data to find out what’s compelling marketers to invest in LinkedIn.

7. How to Write for Users & Search Engines in 2019

Get specific advice on how to create content that earns attention with this in-depth article from Flock Safety’s Carolyn Lyden.

8. How to Get B2B Marketing Measurement Right

Renegade, LLC Founder & CEO Drew Neisser offers tips to help prove the ROI of your marketing efforts in this podcast and article from AdAge.

9. How to Turn Fans into Engaged Superfans

Learn how to nurture closer relationships with your audience to spark engagement and build brand loyalty. Content Marketing Strategist Marshal Carper delivers the goods.

10. The Unsung Hero of Content Marketing: Original Research

In this video, Clare McDermott and Michelle Linn from Mantis Research reveal how to do cost-effective research and present it in a compelling format:


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