What’s Trending: Turn Off the Autopilot

July 22, 2019

Turn Off the Autopilot

Marketing is not a one-and-done kind of job. The true leaders in our profession are always measuring, evaluating, and optimizing. Once you start to settle, you start to fall behind.

That said, marketing is also a busy, time-intensive kind of job. If something isn’t actively demanding your attention, and seems to be working okay, it’s easy to let it slide. 

But it’s worth taking some of these basic functions off of autopilot and giving them a round of evaluation and improvement. There is likely untapped potential in, say, your content plan, your promotion strategy, even your engagement metrics.

Use this week’s trending content to course-correct anything your team has on autopilot. 

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. 4 Responsible Ways to Communicate Data

Is the way you use data in your content building credibility, or undermining it? Loryn Cole from Rainmaker Digital offers her tips for avoiding bias and misdirection with your data.

2. How to Grow Your Email List

Expand your subscriber base with these suggestions from Brand Expert Ann Smarty, including in-depth advice on bringing in new sources of traffic.

3. 6 Tips to Create SEO-Friendly Content

Good content is the best SEO. Or, as Ashley Ward puts it, “The limits of your content are the limits of your ranking.” Follow these simple tips to make sure your content has high ranking potential. 

4. 3 Fixes for Your Engagement Measurement Mistakes

Throw out your vanity metrics and focus on the measurements that matter, with this freshly updated piece from Andrew Raso

5. How to Create a Content Strategy that Attracts High-Quality Prospects

This video from marketing coach Dan Martell offers a quick tour of an entire prospect-centered strategy, from content planning to lead capture.

6. The Four Most Effective Types of Sales Enablement Content

Learn how to create lower-funnel content that helps your sales team close deals with these tips from Contently Editor in Chief Jordan Teicher.

7. 5 Ways for Content Marketers to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

It never hurts to evaluate new technologies, new channels, or new ways to reach your audience. But don’t let the latest big thing distract from what’s already working, says Marketing Insider Group’s Michael Brenner.

8. The Ultimate Guide to a Rock-Solid B2B Marketing Strategy

This infographic from Imaginasium presents takeaways from dozens of different sources in an easy-to-digest visual format. It’s a great example of how to make a content marketing infographic as well as an informative resource.

9. How to Refocus Your Content Marketing on Your Audience

No judgment: It’s easy to let your content slide into being too promotional. These four questions from TopRank Marketing’s Joshua Nite can help you stay on track.

10. Content Promotion Framework with Ian Cleary

Content Marketing Institute just released this mini-session from last year’s Content Marketing World. Ian Cleary provides solid advice on building a content promotion plan, along with plenty of recommendations for useful tools.

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