What’s Trending: Data in the Driver’s Seat

August 5, 2019

A Circuit Board with Data-Driven Marketer’s Silhouette in the Middle

Is marketing an art or a science? The answer, of course, is both. Marketers need creativity and intuition, to be sure. But we also need a scientific mindset — the willingness to fail fast, test often, and let the data lead us to better outcomes. 

The most successful marketing teams can turn out wonderfully creative copy, but also track how that copy performs, make tweaks, and double the engagement rate on the second go-round. When imagination and logic combine, the result is unstoppable.

This week’s roundup is a treasure trove for data-driven marketers. It features original research on audience engagement, B2B buying committees, distribution channels, and more. Check out the articles below, and follow up with our Content Insights Quarterly for even more decision-driving data. 

What Marketers Were Reading and Sharing Most This Week:

1. Key Audience Engagement Findings to Inform Your Content Strategy

Data-loving marketers rejoice: Based on an analysis of over four million content downloads, Marissa Wolfgang presents key trends and takeaways for B2B content marketers.

2. How to Get Sales and Marketing Together? Pick One Core Marketing Commit

We all know sales and marketing alignment is crucial for modern marketing. But when the two departments are at war where do you start? Jason Lemkin offers a template for creating common ground.

3. 7 Brilliant B2B Video Marketing Techniques You Should Try Out

Video content is easier to produce than ever, and it’s a powerful way to earn attention from your audience. These tips from Aljaz Fajmut can help you choose the right format and approach for your next video. 

4. Marketing: Do You Really Have a Content Strategy?

What exactly should go into your content strategy? Marketing agency Content Bacon breaks down the fundamentals.

5. How to Match Your Content to the Best Distribution Channel

This in-depth, stat-heavy analysis of distribution channels — from influencer amplification through email marketing — comes courtesy of Louder.Online’s Aaron Agius.

6. 7 Key Components of Useful and High-Quality Blog Content

This meticulously researched and illustrated guide has something for everyone, from content beginners to seasoned veterans. Jawad Khan brings the goods.

7. B2B Vendors Need To Play Catch Up In A “B2E” World

What do B2B buyers really want? Adobe’s latest report is based on a survey of over 1,200 marketers and B2B buyers, and Peter Bell has the key takeaways.

8. Content Marketing Planning: How to Build Your Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar can help make sure you’re delivering quality content at a sustainable cadence. These tips from Nick Nelson can make your calendar more robust, informative, and useful.

9. Building Brand Trust in B2B vs. B2C: What’s the Difference?

Transparency, empathy, and trust are key differentiators in modern marketing, but these principles can be difficult to express in the B2B environment. Mark Schmukler shares how to build trust with B2B buyers.

10. How AI Services Are Creating a Need for Microcontent

This Content Marketing World clip from Jeff Rohrs peels back the AI hype to look at how AI is shaping marketing content today, and what marketers should be doing about it right now.

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